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Need motivation 3rd time round!

There are a few sites around that use a photo of you and slim you down (for free!), really good if you need something visual to spur u on. cant think of any off the top of my head but google it :)


Well you must stay focused on your aim or goal. we are in the same shoes. I also focus on it and think of what would be it's consequences if i gain so much weight.
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I'm about to start SW for the 3rd time. Any tips on motivation success?
Hi Natalie,

if you go to a good group with a charismatic leader - that helps. A lot.

I have been to many many different SW groups, there are a lot within five miles or so of where I live - so have experience with this lack of motivation thing :)

Presumably something has prompted you to try again - what was that?

In my experience, gaining weight is never down to pure greed - there is always an underlying issue, a message from your subconcious, an unfulfilled need or something on these lines.

If you can explore what it is that has driven you to over consume in the past that will be very helpful.

Then, as someone else said - visualise what will happen to you in the future if you carry on as you are, what will your body be like in 10 years time? What will your emotional state be like?

As well as this 'away from' motivation you will need a positive goal to aim towards.

Picture what you will be like at your ideal weight. What will your life be like? What will you be doing? Keeping a visual record is good too - keeping a journal or make a poster of what your goals are.

It becomes more tangible when you have something solid you have produced, pictures cut out of magazines, drawings and writings etc.

Thanks for your post, writing this has helped me decide not to have a second bowl of rissotto for breakfast :)

Micci xxx
Thanks for that. About 10 years ago I lost about 3 stone and went down to a size 8(Uk) and kept it off for about 5 years but then it's crept back up on me and now at 31 I'm size 14 again! I always said that I would never let myself get heavy again but look what happened.
I'm just not happy and even with a job where I walk all day I still have lost any weight, it's not the amount of food I eat it's what I eat!
Was saying that I have weighed myself this morn after 3 days and put 1 lb on, I just don't get it!

There's a meeting on Monday so I think I'll go to that and give it a try


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