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need motivation


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hi at weigh in tonight got a maintain , last week lost 1lb maintain the week befor that and the week befor that was on holiday so in 4 weeks ive lost 1lb cant seem to get it together at the mo just got no motivation, i do mostly red days with the odd green was thinking of doing ee but not sure what im doing have read the book its just not sinking in botherd about trying it in case i do it wrong and put on but deff need to do something stuck in a rut any advice please xx
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Argh - so annoying, I just wrote you a really long reply and one of those ads popped up and lost it all! Grr - anyhoo...

Don't despair - I'd give EE a try, you can give it a week & see how you do on it. If you're confused, write up what you're eating and we can check it for you. It does really open up your options food wise.

Look back at your reasons for starting SW in the first place, what made you want to lose weight. How would you feel if you stopped the plan & started gaining the 20lbs you've lost? It is the most brilliant feeling when your clothes start getting looser - just focus on that and how well you've done and will continue to do!

I've had a wobbly week too, very low motivation but am getting back on track now.

Take care x


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Hey, sometimes a change in what we eat is enough to kick start the losses again. I don't know about EE but give it a go, there's plenty of help and support on here when you need it *hugs* 1lb loss with a holiday thrown in is great!! Most people gain on hols and spend the next few weeks shifting that weight. You'll soon start losing again if you shake things up. Good luck xxx

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I would recommend shaking up your days more, try adding another Green Day, or as the others have suggested try EE. I must admit, I still trying to get my head around EE, after years of Red and Green and Im struggling with it...it just doesnt feel right to me!
I have tried 3 days this week so far, but I think I would rather go back to my Red and Green Days and will as and from tomorrow.
Plan your meals, thats really important and make sure that you write everything down....I keep a food diary if you want some ideas.

Good luck Hun.



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It's difficult after a holiday, but where do we get all the willpower in the New Year? Hands up who started a new plan!
Right! Raid your wardrobe, have you something you like that's too tight but you love? Hang it on the front of your wardrobe. Try it on on the same day every week.
Go back to writing everything down.
Treat yourself to some luscious free food that you normally don't have.
Sit down and plan what you're going to have for the next few days and make sure you have all the ingredients in.
Factor in a treat, but you can only have it if you spend 1/2/3 days totally on plan.
Alternatively, do you have your food diary from a week when you lost a big dollop? Then do it again! It's worked once, and then once you've had a good week the rest will follow! Good luck!


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thanks girls feeling a bit beter about it this morn and after your advice mini mins is great isnt it lol , going to re read my books and cook lots of free food for the fridge quiche ect still not sure about ee but think maybe give it ago or add more green to keep me fuller for longer feel im always hungry so dont think im maybe having enough real meals opting for a sandwich or crisp instead of a meal so back to basics lol will let you know how i do at the weigh in next week and thanks again xxxxxxxx

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