Need recipies for buffet to keep me in ketosis!


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I am holding a buffet party at my place a few days before Chrsitmas and would really like to stay in ketosis if possible...although I am taking a week 'off' LL, but still want to limit as much damage as possible.

I'm thinking:

Cheese & Onion on sticks
Cocktail sausages on sticks

yup, that's as far as I got!:eek:

Any ideas?

Thanks - Joe
cream cheese rolled in slices of ham on sticks...mmmmm lots on sticks...LOL!!

Chicken strips cooked with tikka spices a possibility?

Mini sausages wrapped in bacon

(I'm going all 'Atkinsy now' as obviously its not all healthy stuff!!)

Celery sticks spread with cream cheese

veggie sticks with yoghurt type dips

Cheese and grape or feta cheese and cherry toms on sticks are also lovely

OK - I'm guessing not all of this is OK but not all your guest till need to be in ketosis will they....LOL;) but it is still probably much better than sausage rolls, pork pie, etc

Hun i have found u a link to a low carb receipes and there are loads of appetizers, u should find some bits and pieces there.
Also u can look in the library or on low carb webistes for receipes especaially Atkins induction stuff which will practically be carb free.

ASDLC - Low Carb Appetizers

When it comes to Sausages they can be a big no no if u r trying to stay on ketosis as they can contain a lot of carbs, some of the expensive brands like M&S do low carb suasages and also teso finest.
Thanks Mich, much better ideas than mine! The idea is to enable me to have a good bit to eat without leaving ketosis, but without the guests knowing that's what I'm up to!

Like the stuffed celery and stuffed ham & cheese!

Roch, thanks for that link, I'll have a good look as I didn't think guacamole had carbs in it and it was on my list or things to add wtih vegie sticks!

Any more? Joe