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Need some advice about toning and weightloss on CD

Yesterday i found the most amazing ladies only gym in my area and i really want to join. They have all the usual cardio machines but they also have toning beds and that vibroplate machine thing thats meant to give you a whole workout in about 10 minutes.

Anyway what i was wondering was if i was to start using the toning beds and the vibroplate thing would it affect my weightloss and make me gain weight because i will build muscle??

I dont intend on using any of the cardio machines untill i have finished SSing but i dont want to start using the toning tables and then have it slow down my weightloss. I really want to reach my target weight a little before the end of the summer because i will be alot more active come september and i know i will have a few financial problems and i might not be able to afford CD.

I know i should lose weight by going by how i feel rather then what the scales show, but i really want to reach my goal weight of about 8 stones on the scales because that is the weight i feel really comfortable and happy at both mentally and physically. Plus when i reach 8 stones i want to try and maybe gain about 5-7lbs of muscle through training and then i will be super happy.

Anyway, back to the quuestion. I want to start using the toning tables so i feel abit more tight. But i do not want to slow down my weightloss. I need to decide soon because the gym has a good offer on and also the membership is really good.

I can have a membership where i can just pay to use the toning tables and then change membership when i want to use the weights and cardio machines.

I'm sorry about the long post but i wanted to make everything clear. I am thinking of joining a week from today and want to make a decision soon.

I would appreciate any advice, help and suggestions.

Thanks in advance

xx :princess:
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Not dieting ATM!
Hi Maybe Baby

As you are 26 BMI you should stop Sole sourcing now and go down the Cambridge plans. This will help your weight to stabalise and ultimately keep the weight of for good. You should not skimp at this stage as you will end up just putting weight back on. Take my example I didn't follow the plans properly and it is struggle for me to keep a stone over my goal and I exercise hard 4 x a week +. When going through the Cambridge plans you will gradually reduce your packs and you should be able to stop buying them by September then if you like.

I would have thought you could join the gym and use the toning tables no problem and do other exercises too if you like, especially once you reach 1000 plan + which you will do in a few more weeks.

You've done so well this is such a critical time for you and well worth doing it the best you can. I think I will join you. I must have another bash at going down the plans to goal and hopefully keep the weight off this time.

Good Luck and enjoy the gym. This is such an exciting time for you.

Dizzy x
Hi Dizzy, thank you for your reply :). I still haven't decided about the gym so i thought i would have a talk with my CDC at my next weigh-in. I'm not sure if i want to stop SS yet, i think i might do it for another week or so but again i will talk to my CDC about this.

I am really looking forward to getting back in the gym and exercising. I have always enjoyed it and now that i have lost my excess weight i want to start building some muscle and improve my fitness. There are so many things i want to do now, in particular i am looking forward to taking part in charity walks :).

Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I hope that i will be able to keep my weight off like you have and continue to be happy and healthy :)

Thanks again xx :princess:

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