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Yeah, I'm kind of back, just need some advice on things.
I had to give up CD about a month ago due to illness, before that had to give up about 2 months before that again (due to my bf losing his job and having no cash) but only put on 7 lbs in the time I was off. Anyway, I want to go back onto Cambridge, now got money and health sorted! The advice I need is whether to start now or to wait, I go to America on holiday on 17th November and I had really wanted to be thinner by the time I went but I KNOW that I won't be able to stick with the diet whilst I'm there, it will be thanksgiving and my bf is American and from a big southern family which means lots of food. So should I start again this week, lose a bit and they go back on when I get back or should I go to Slimming World for a couple of weeks and then start CD when I get back?
Thanks,missed you all!!!
I would say, start when you come back. How much weight do you think you could lose before you go? And what difference would it make to your appearance? Not a lot I would guess. So have your holiday, its only two weeks away, and set the date when you come back to start the diet. Good luck.
Hi ya, :)

You know you will be confronted with food, food and more food on this holiday. So what i personally would do is try and eat healthy where you can. All the food won't be high in fat, i would worry if they were, so choose wisely. What we have to remember is that we need to start controlling our weight and choices mentally before and after a diet as with all diets you will put it all back on when you do start eating normally again. And most of us eating normal is unhealthy eating, thats why we are here in the first place.
I would start with the cambridge 1500 or 1200 program for the next few weeks and then try and go easy when you are on holiday.
And when you get back reduce your eating and then start on sole source abit later. Remember the more weight you put on holiday is more weight you will be having to lose when you get back.
Have a fantastic time and keep us posted.:D

I agree, I think start when you get back. Otherwise you will come back having 'eaten' once already and that is always a slippery slope isn't it? Far better to have a lovely guilt-free (relatively healthy!) holiday and come back ready for battle!!!
Good luck with whatever decision you make.