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need some advice


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I dont - but would love to hear other peoples ideas! x


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This is what works for me:

  • I make a 'deal' with myself for example "I don't want to go to the gym...just go for 20 mins then come home" By the time I have done 20mins I get a 'buzz' and add 5 mins...then another 5mins etc!
  • Housework!!! I HATE IT!!! but I pick a room and do it as if the queen were visiting....every corner, every surface...bend and stretch, squat and reach:p!!! Minimum 1hour.
  • Watching TV...'squeeze and release those buns' then at every commercial break get on the floor and do sit-ups.
  • When out and about (work) I will walk to the next bus stop or station, then the next, then the next.
  • Using the car...park as far away as possible from destination and walk the rest!
  • Stairs vs Lift. Going up and down on the stairs works different muscles. Even if you only do 1 flight (and then catch your breath in the lift the rest of the way) it all adds up!! (and try doing 2 at a time...great for the thighs!!!)
  • Sit on the floor more often...while i'm down there I do various leg stretches.
  • There are days when I just do not want to do anything....that's fine....I give myself the day off but the deal is I have to do some thing the next day!!
Just remember, anything can be considered exercise, every little bit makes a difference and get in the right mindset....don't tell yourself "I have to" tell yourself "I want to"!!
Hope my 'waffle' helped!!!:rolleyes:



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wanna borrow my husband??

he will kick you out of bed on a sat/sun morning to go the gym :D


seriously...i find doing classes much more motivating than gym floor work.....the atmosphere keeps you going :whacky068:
Time management is a challenge with 3 little ones the days seem so busy by the end of the day I am beat . Does any one have any ideas? :p


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What great ideas Prettyface x


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if you have an mp3 player try making yourself a 'motivational playlist' full of uplifting songs or songs that you just have to move about to. I've entitled mine happy happy joy joy and it's full of really great songs that just make me want to dance haha x I find this is brilliant for when I just don't feel energised or motivated to do anything.
how do you motivate yourselve to get up and exercise. sometimes i just cant seem to make myself do it. any tricks to get me going would be greatly appreciated. please share your stories

I'm now 19st. I know exercise is even harder for me than it was last year when I was 16st something.

I went to the gym today and did a 1 hour circtuis class - I haven't been to the gym in weeks (I went for a 15 minute run last week before work at 5am)

Why did I go?

1) I started feeling depressed about my life and I know that exercise really helps lift my mood
2) when my mood if lifted I am more motivated to do and stick to other things
3) I have a sense of well-being
4) I love the ache I get the next day. It means I 'worked' hard at something
Classes are a much better motivator than simply going to the gym because you have to book it and you have a set time, whereas you can keep talking yourself into waiting another 10 mins, then another, then another with the gym.

You also work harder without realising, because you don't want to stop before everyone else (even tho you can if you need to).

Otherwise, go with a friend. You won't talk yourself out of it because you don't want to let them down. Trust me, my boyf is an exercise freak and i feel so guilty if i don't go.

Good luck x
I think the key is finding something you enjoy. I put on channel 288 (sky) the other night and did a bollywood dance work out - it was fab!!Maybe you could find a salsa class, a belly dancing class...........something that doesn't seem like a chore



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Wow, What A Great Topic And Ideas Being Said :D
I Have A Treadmill and A Picture Of Myself Next To It.. ( The Pic is me looking so horribly Obese Yuck)
And When I Start getting Tired On The Treadmil I Look At It, And It Pushes Me More And More.

For Me It Also Helps That A Friend Of Mine Likes Walking And We Go Walking Together.
When I lsoe Abit More Weight Im Going To Start Going To Classes :D
I used to think that I needed to do a session of exercising that was at least 30mins long & be sweating buckets. With a busy worklife I could rarely find time in the day to do this, or I was too tired that the thought of it put me off.

I have recently changed my mindset and realised that I could fit in at least 10mins additional exercise into my life. This could be easily fitted into my day either in the morning, or at night when watching the TV.

I now try to do 10-15 mins a day varying the workout. So one day I concentrate on cardiovascular and get on the x-trainer, and another I focus on resitance training using a resistance band, and another I may just do some gently yoga stretches.

At the end of the day, doing something is better then nothing.

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