Need some advise!!!


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Hiya, been away from ww since before xmas, I am wondering is there a new point system or something because a friend told me te lowest points you can be on now are 29 and not 26. also there was talk of a "new surprise in the new year" before xmas...can anyone fill me in?
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In our class we heard about a 'new launch' in January but it was just the weight watchers 360 stuff that you can read about on the website. There were no changes to the propoints system, just a focus on looking at food in a different way and managing 'places' that you found tricky eg work, at a friends etc. I haven't heard anything about the lowest number of propoints available...unfortunately I'm nowhere near worrying about that :sigh:
Maybe someone else on here will be able to fill you in on that.
Well done for getting back on it!


It's a way of life...
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lowest you can be on is still 26...the better half is on 26.