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Need some cheering up please

Sorry to have a moan but feeling a bit gutted. I have lost 2.5 so far on SW, it has been slow going and Easter was a real struggle but not putting it on so thats good. I still have a long long way to go and I am still a big gal but I was feeling a bit better bout myself. Then yesterday a friend came to visit who I have not seen for a while, she has lost a lot of weight and is now a size 10. I am really pleased for her, she looks great, but it has made me feel really depressed about how big I am and how far I have still got to go. Sorry for the long winded rant, I know I am just feeling sorry for myself but I thought you guys would prob understand how I am feeling. I feel like I am never gonna get there!
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On a journey !
I feel like that alot my love, that feeling of I want to lose the rest of this weight NOW and then seeing others looking so slim. Please stay positive but still allow yourself a treat every so often, like saving up syns for a saturday or something, gives you something to look forward to!! Were in it together, I find when Im feeling like that (most of the time) I have sw chips, egg and mushy peas, then I feel naughty but I know I'm not and that this diet is just so damn good, good luck hun and stay with us xxxx:gen126:


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Hi hun, i've been there too (and am again), don't worry you stick with sw and you will lose the weight. even if it is just 1-2lbs a week, it is coming off and is better than gaining. Just stick at it hun and come on here for support, we are all here for you. xx
i can only echo what others have said just think how youll feel the more weight you lose when everyone will be complimenting you especially your friend if you dont see her on a regular basis i would love to be 2 and haf stone down so be proud of yourself xx


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sometimes it feels like your not getting very far at all but sooner or later it catches up as long and this is the important part .... you stick with it knowbody is gonna do this for you you look at your friend and how well she has done i know it's disheartening but just imagine how amazing it is gonna feel when you are in that kind of place yourself. every day is a new bloody day and every one of those days is a step taking you further away from the place you don't want to be and they add up and add up and sooner or later you will find you can't even see that far back anymore and it will be you stood there making someone else feel like they have to try harder to get to were you are, so chin up lovely XXXXXXX every single one of us has been in the place you are XXX


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Hi Sappho. i do know how you feel. When I see people lose weight I am jealous! And I really am a nice person!! But my attitude now is slow but sure. i have a lot of weight to lose-but 24lbs less than I had at the beginning of the year so its getting better-and I feel better! This site keeps me going, and the fact that with every month that passes there is less of me in weight-but more of me confidence wise. Good luck and chin up!


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Youre doing something about it and thats what counts, you will get there in the end and you will then know that its all worth it, if you went off the plan then you would possibly put on weight and then you would be unhappy. Keep it up hun. xxx loobylou


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At class tonight there were 2 girls who have lost 2 stone in 12 weeks. Another lady said it had taken her 18months. Any loss is a good loss. Keep plugging away and you'll get there. Are you attending class? Are you eating/ drinking enough? Give us some more details and we may be able to give you more help. Good luck.


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Iknow just how you feel, but stick with it and you will see results. Treat each day individually, every day you stick to the plan is a great achievement and concentrating on just today is an easier goal than thinking in terms of a week. Before you know it its WI day again and you have stuck to plan all week! If you can manage 1lb a week then this time next year you'll be raving about a 4 stone weight loss, imagine how that will feel.
Believe in yourself and take little steps, one day at a time.


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I agree with what everyone else has already said.
One thing to bare in mind though, is that if you stick at it and keep chipping away at your weight, soon you'll be the person that someone else is envying and wishing they could lose the weight just like you did ;)
At first it seems like there's no end in sight and you have lot's to lose, but before you know it you're at the half way mark and you can see your target weight ahead of you and it all becomes so much more possible and achievable.
Just dig deep for your grit, determination and will power and you will be rewarded and you will feel absolutely fantastic, pleased and proud of yourself.
What can I say - I had tears reading all your fantastic replies. I know you are right- its just I have tried so many times before sometimes it feels so far away! Also I did the CD before and lost lots of weight so quickly (then got PG and put it all on again with the bump lol) which is probably why this feels slow. Mind you, when I am upset I do tend to "guess" my syns a bit which I am sure is not helpful!

I will take your great advice and just do one day at a time. My son weighs 2.5stone so picking him up makes me realise what I am not carrying round anymore! I am determined to stick to it 100% this week so we will wait and see at WI (last night I stayed the same which is actually a good thing!).

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