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Extra Easy Need some clarification please.......


Team FFF!!!
I started SW on monday doing extra easy, I'm not going to class and am using what Info I can find from friends etc and I have my mums old book.
Now as I said, I started Monday but weighed myself friday and it said I'd lost 7lbs:D BUT i've weighed myself again today and it says I've lost 4.5lbs.
* week is very due so it could be that but also I am wondering if I have got the "rules right" I stuck to a veggie style extra easy monday to friday but have been eating ham, chicken and bacon over the weekend (all lean etc) is it free?:confused: I think it is but I'm just confused over it all now and feeling rubbish:cry:
Any help or advice would be welcome:(
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if your on extra easy hun then all lean meats with all fat off are free, green is the veggie one and red is the meat one thats how i remember it lol. so if ur on extra easy on the weekend and eating lean meats then its free so dont worry :) and u can do a green day, followed by a red day, followed by an extra easy day or however u want :) xxx


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Your weight naturally fluctuates from day to day by as much as 7lb - so stick to one weigh in each week and don't sneaky peek in between because what the scales say is most often incorrect.


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I can't understand the Extra Easy - and start next Monday. Got 6 days to fathom it out!
In a nutshell . . . . eat as much fruit & veg as you can manage, lean meat of any kind, eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice etc are also free. The golden rule is that AT LEAST ONE THIRD OF THE CONTENTS OF EVERY MEAL SHOULD BE SUPERFREE. (not as difficult as you might initially think)

Bread and cheese products are limited.

Just keep those basic things in mind while you get used to the plan - keep referring to your books and this website is invaluable. If you unsure about anything then ask on here cos there are loads of members that are very clued up on everything.

Good luck.


Team FFF!!!
Thanks all. I have just realised something I'm doing wrong though :cry:I've been having 1 HEX A and 2 HEX B! Didn't know it was 1 of each:break_diet: so I've been syning every day without realising it - not too bad though as I don't really use syns anyway but I'll have to work out how many syns in 2 bits pf bread etc now lol


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You need to syn your 2nd HEB as 6 syns (assuming the bread was from a 400g wholemeal loaf).

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ull prob still lose anyway hun if u havent been using ur syns up :) good luck and let us know how it u go! xxx
You also need to eat your syns. Lots of people don't eat any when they start, and after a few weeks they find it really difficult, and then go off the rails and find they gain again. Its not realistic to think that you will never eat chocolate, milk and cheese in the same day etc so you need to incorporate these things into your plan. If you don't want to use your syns for 'treats' then try and incorporate them into your meals. eg, use Ex Virgin Olive Oil to cook with, and add 'synful' foods to your meals. eg, i add some Chorizo to my Mediterrean Chicken Dish, and I have a Pasta dish which uses Pesto.


Team FFF!!!
Thanks all :)
Joedenise the bread is from a weight watchers white loaf.
I've been having half the milk form my hex A and using a max of 2 extra low fat laughing cow triangles so is that ok to count as one hex A do you think?
S: 11st5.0lb C: 11st2.0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.89%)
i would think thats ok, but lotsa ppls diff consultants say diff things. so prob best 2 check with ur consultant xxx


Team FFF!!!
i would think thats ok, but lotsa ppls diff consultants say diff things. so prob best 2 check with ur consultant xxx
Thanks for the reply, only problem is that I'm doing it by myself and don't go to class:eek: I think i'll carry on with it and if I slow down (hark at me only having been on it a week lol) then I'll re-think :) Thank you:D


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I could be wrong *double checks book* but I don't think weight watchers White is classed as a healthy extra only the nimble White. Yeah like I thought it's 2 slices hovis nimble white or 2 weight watchers wholemeal (400g thick sliced ) or 3 slices of weigh watchers brown Danish (400g loaf). Sorry! Xx

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