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Need some help to stay on track this week.

hi all:wave_cry:

Just had weigh in no 5 and am down 1lb. I am a bit disappointed but I suppose it does average out. Anyway its 1lb less of me to carry around!!!:(

Heres where the help comes in.:eek:

I am off on hols tomorrow for 5 days for a family wedding. I have yoyo'd between coming off the diet for the wedding and not. Anyway I have made up my mind to do my best to stick with it. My pharmacist gave me some maintenance bars and my normal chicken soup as i will have no way of mixing anything else. She said it was better to have the maintenance bars than to eat over there.

I really dont want to blow it at this stage. No one knows i am on the diet ( except hubby - as family wouldnt be supportive as they think its a fad diet) so i will be doing some playing with food on my plate I think. There are 3 days of meals and drinks and dancing etc over there so I really will be up against it. I know loads of you have been at events and stuck with it and ye are brilliant. I really hope I can do it. One day wouldnt be too bad but 3 days in a row of it with family everywhere I turn???? Someone on the site told me I can have soda water so that would look like a drink of vodka!!

I started this diet to look better for the wedding and not be the monster hiding from the camera. I have got on so well with the diet the wedding has become an interruption to it!!!

I wont have access to internet over there so cant come on here when the going gets tough.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I need to think of all of you every time the little devil tempts me over there!!!

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I *will* be skinny again!
Have you ever thought of bringing a shaker to make up some shakes? You can always say it's a protein shake, most people use those all the time and people don't question those really! Or you can try the flapjacks (if you're brave lol)

Definetly have soda water or sparkling water so you won't feel left out! You can always drink black coffee and tea as well.

It is hard when family doesn't support you, but in the end you'll feel great for sticking with it! Good luck! :D
hi there killercurls

I was just reading your thread that you are back for round 2.

Well done to you for jumping back on the wagon. You had an amazing loss last time and you will again. Its such a fantastic feeling to have those pounds melt away!!!

Go for it. Cant wait to see how wk 1 goes for you

Best of luck and thanks for the advice. I tried the shaker thing but everything still came out lumpy. Not sure I am brave enough to try the flapjacks!!!! I am gonna do this. That little devil is not coming on the plane with me as i didnt buy a ticket for him!!!



I *will* be skinny again!
Thanks yummymummy....you need to remove the not! :D

I found a "trick" to getting the shakes to come out smooth with the shaker. I always add some water in the bottom before I shake it up, that way it doesn't stick to the bottom. Then add the shake mix, then the water. Then I shake forever....usually dancing around as I do it. I try to make it fun!

I know you can do it! And if you want any additional support I can give you my mobile number and I can text you some words of support if you like! It really does help! :D


Here we go again!
However you decide to get through the wedding, good luck. Such a shame for you that this has come at this time when you are doing so well.

Whatever happens, enjoy the wedding and stay strong, you can do it!
Hi. You know i was tempted with food on my 3week,when hole family came to stay for weekend.I was cooking for 2 days,but didn't eat a bite.Just say to yourself i don't want to eat,don't say i'm not allowed.That helped me a lot.Stay strong,believe in yourself.
Hi Yummy Mummy,
I am so sorry that your family are not supportive. I have to admit that mine are quite sceptical especially as i fell of the wagon the 1st time and this is the second time round. A little tip: Betterware (if you have the time to order) do a tiny little blender that is battery operated and could easily fit in your bag to help mix shakes and keep them smooth. With a cocktail glass and some crushed Ice the strawberry one could look like a cocktail. Soda water and ice is also a great idea for vodka and lemonade look alike. If you have your husbands support and some maintainance bars it should be do-able. I must say that your resolve is amazing and you are a real inspiration. The worst I have had to endure is a one night hen do and that was bad enough. Hope that was helpfull. Good luck and please let us know how it went.

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