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Need some inspiration

Hey ladies!! (and gents oops!)

I'm after some inspiration and a bit if a re-kick start!
Only last 1/2lb this week only my 3rd week and feeling a bit flat about it (I know I know it's still a loss!) anyway I wondered if anyone wanted to share their top meals on extra easy just to give me a bit if inspiration when planning my menus this week.
Just as a heads up I tend to use my healthy extras on my breakfast in the week so anything involving these would have to be synned which I'm trying to avoid just until I get going again.
I didn't put this in the recipe section cos I'm not necessarily after recipes just good meal ideas that are good for non-SW people like the other half too. Thanks!
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Ooh make some lush burgers with grated up carrot, onion, garlic, worsteshire sauce, pepper etc. Fry in a pan with frylite and ur dancing! Don't forget the chips and beans and a nice big salad! I eat mine without the bun and don't miss it one bit.

Alternatively, make a taco salad. Lush.

Or cottage pie. Or beef stew. Or chicken Kiev. Or my favorite - twice baked potatoes!
Do you mean that you aren't using any syns? Because this could be a factor in STS? Maybe your calorie intake has become too low so your metabolism has slowed? I'd try adding in at least 5-8 a day so that you're keeping it low but making use of them and make an effort to drink lots of water!

2 recipes I've tried this week that are syn free are swede topped cottage pie (free when using quorn mince)not sure about EE but can have veg added and the cheese, potato and onion pie - delicious and free on a green day and can have veg added for 1/3. Both recipes are from the SW website.
I'm new to all of this myself but from what you've said I think those two factors may help :) and those recipes are delicious :)
Thanks for the tips

Yes I was looking at syn free. I do have my syns - generally I seem to have a blow out day and then spend all week compensating which everyone will say I shouldn't do but wen I don't do that I like to use syns for chocolate or cheese lol

I didn't put it in recipes as I don't kind searching for recipes but if I'm not even really sure what to search for I get distracted by pudding threads lol
What works for me is getting as many veggies in as possible. I am turning into a bit of a salad drawer evangelist. :)

Easy ways to sneak veggies in are:

  • Sneaky veggies in your tomato pasta sauce! Grated carrot is GREAT. You won't notice it's there. Or a couple of extra finely chopped onions. Chucking in other veggies helps too. Courgettes, aubergine, mushroom and red pepper are fab.
  • Speed/Superspeed soup! Make loads, stick it in the freezer in portions. I take one to work for lunch a couple of times a week when I don't have time to make up a salad or another veggie.
  • Foil parcels. SOOOOO easy. Big sheet of tin foil. Salt and pepper it. Add lemon or herbs. Add a flattened chicken breast or a fish filet. Add veggies: mange tout, sugar snaps, sliced peppers, carrot sticks.... fold top down and sides up to make a parcel. Cook at 200 degrees in the oven for about 25 mins.
  • Pasta salad! Cooked pasta + tuna/cooked chicken/ham + light mayo + quark + half a crumbled veggie stock cube + salad stuff like cherry toms, cucumber, lettuce, grated carrot, peppers.
  • Fruit in your pudding! Berries in rice pudding. Strawberries with your ice cream. Cherries on your chocolate cake. Grated apple on your muesli

Now the bit that has nothing to do with food, that, going from your other post, might be helpful for you. The other thing that helps, and honestly I think it's what's making this go at dieting a doddle for me, is getting all your emotional and psychological ducks in a row. Personally, having gone through lots of therapy to deal with the reasons behind my disordered eating and expelling a lot of those demons has put me in the right place to not end up on the binge/starve/fail/self-criticism rollercoaster. I accepted who I was, at the size I was. I loved THAT version of me. (It took YEARS by the way.) Somehow, that magically made it a hell of a lot easier to work towards a new version.

And this is the bit where I recommend the books of Geneen Roth and Byron Katie. Because I think everyone who eats emotionally could benefit from them. Really. I'm not a self-helpy sort of person, but those books changed my life.

And this is the bit where I tell you to check out Brit Mum's site, because seriously, that woman is the absolute goddess of SW recipes masquerading as non-diet food: http://www.slimmingeats.com/blog/recipes
jennyc_uk said:
Ps what's a TWICE baked potato? Lol
Twice baked potatoes r awesome. Bake a jacket, cut off the top 1/4 of the potato. Scoop out the insides and mash them with lc triangles, veg, ham, cheese etc. Pile it all back in the jackets and bake until heated through. Yum-o!
Twice baked potatoes r awesome. Bake a jacket, cut off the top 1/4 of the potato. Scoop out the insides and mash them with lc triangles, veg, ham, cheese etc. Pile it all back in the jackets and bake until heated through. Yum-o!
This is one of mine and hubbys favourites....delish!!!!

SS soup has been a life saver for me this week, I can't recommend it enough. I have been really pushed to add veg in anywhere so I've made sure I have a bowl or two of it a day. :)
Thanks for all the hints tips and ideas gave me loads of inspiration for meals this week.

Thanks for that pootler, your right tho I'm such an emotional eater. This journey is just as much about mind as body x

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