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Extra Easy Need support after a gain .................

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by luisa71, 18 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. luisa71

    luisa71 Full Member

    Hi all, went to my SW class last night and had a 2 1/2 pound gain:confused: I'm so disappointed because I kept 100% to plan and can't understand where the gain has come from. Looking back over the week, I can see that I did eat approx 2 bananas a day and got through 4 punnet's of black grapes amongst other fruit, mainly mango but even so this is all super free. I did have 3 corn on cobs but again this is free too. I've been eating this way for the past 6 weeks and up until last night had lost a stone. I'm just stumped at why I've gained so much in one week when being on plan. My consultant also was a bit stumped but did say it could be the tassimo cafe crema i've been drinking but neither myself or my consultant have nay idea if they're free or not (5 cals each) so I'm still stumped. Any advice would be so much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  3. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi, it's perfectly normal to gain weight on odd weeks with no apparent reason. Weight fluctuates all the time and for lots of different reasons. For women it can be hormonal reasons, not been to the loo reasons, or just sometimes just can't explain it reasons. If you could see your weight on a chart all day long it would no doubt be up and down all the time, and this is why scales are not really an accurate reflection of what's really going on, so please don't be despondent by what they tell you. You need to be able to deal with weeks if you gain or STS and try to put it to the back of your mind if you know you have been 100% on plan. I would measure yourself and go by that as you can often see inches lost where you cannot see pounds. You should not be upset and carry on as normal and you can bet your bottom dollar you will have a good loss next week. Good luck with everything :D
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  4. nataliemurie

    nataliemurie Full Member

    Oh the dreaded gain! I think it has happened to all of us! Don't let it put you off!
    My WI is on Sunday and I have a feeling I'll have gained or STS. But keep on at it and you will loose. Try mixing your diet up a bit to see if any tweaks will make a difference.
  5. luisa71

    luisa71 Full Member

    Aww thanks to you both. Yep, I am going to just put it behind me and carry on. I have to accept that I have a long way to go, so little bips like this are to be expected. Just doesn't make it any easier when it happens though grrr. Anyway will just cut back a little bit on the fruit and see what happens next week.
  6. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Sorry to hear you've gained, weight gain for inexplicable reasons happens to us all! It could be a number of reasons- is your period due soon?

    Maybe try having 1 banana a day rather than 2 and see if it helps.

    Keep going you'll be losing again in now time :)
  7. Lou.Hudson

    Lou.Hudson Member

    I hear you hun! I had a half lb gain this week and I stuck to plan 100%. Could it be time of the month? I felt like I had gained 100 lbs as I felt so awful and bloated. Hoping for a loss this week tho! Keep at it and it will soon be off. The plan is the best one out there and we know it works! Keep the faith hun!!! :)
  8. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    I can understand how you feel Luisa, I was expecting to gain or STS last week as it was my period was due last week and I felt really bloated, but I managed a loss still. I keep telling myself that when I gain or STS(which I have to accept is bound to happen some weeks during my journey) I will just carry on, but I know in reality I am going to feel fed up! I think that's a natural reaction so I will just accept that feeling, then move on and look forward to the next week weigh in when hopefully I will be back to losing, also as Jeanne Von Buttonpopper wisely says the weeks you can't see pounds of you may still feel inches off. I think that so long as you know you have given it 100% that is all that matters, and the odd gain or STS will level out to good losses over all. Good luck x
  9. Catrina

    Catrina Full Member

    The next weigh in after a gain, tends to be a big loss so don't let it get you down.
    You've lost a huge amount of weight in a small time-frame so a small gain could be expected at this stage. Just carry on as you are and it'll all balance out. Good luck!
  10. Don't give up!!! It's so frustrating sometimes, I once nearly lost in in group when I woman said no wonder shed only lost a pound when she had gone off plan for 3 days and I'd had a perfect week and had a gain grrrrrr!! Just keep sticking to plan its so easy to think sod it i may as we'll eat this now etc but keep at it x x x

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