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Need Support, and will power badly.

Hi there, my name is Anthony and i am 16 years old i am 5ft 8 and now 197 pounds, was 211 .. i started the Cambridge diet on the 9th october 2009 and i am currently on my 16th day on the diet i have lost a stone up to monday just gone and will get weighed again this monday coming, my problem is i have no will power what so ever, and i feel like going to eat everything in my house, or something not related to the CD, if any one has any tips or stories they would like to post, it would be appreciated .. Thanks
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Hi ya

Have you checked out the inspiration slide show up the top bar?? I did this before I started CD and it really REALLY inspired me!!!! Check it out ;)

You've done well already so thats incentive enough :)

Are you keeping yourself busy? I go on Youtube when im really stuck for something to do and just surf loadsa crap :D it ticks the time away and gets my mind off food

Drinking enough water?
thanks mrsessex, yeah i do drink enough water and who ever said that going to the toilet so much would decrease is a liar :) .. what slide show where abouts,
and thanks,
you done good yourself
awww thanks :)

Its up the top on the big blue bar..see it? in the middle... slideshow.. watch it :D also just read back loads of thread on here... theres thousands to keep you going and just keep reminding yourself why your doing this ;) have you bought clothes yet you wanna fit into? or hung any up you really like to keep reminding you why you wanna lose weight x
Hi Anthony, the best thing for me is to focus on why I want to lose the weight, what I'm aiming for and why it matters so much. Whenever I'm feeling wobbly I visualise my reasons, focus upon them and stay strong!

Writing down your reasons help but make sure you're working towards something you really want and try above all, to value yourself. xxx
Hi Anthony

Well done on taking steps to lose weight. Hopefully you are now discovering that you have more willpower than you have been crediting yourself with. But it can be difficult at times, hence we all try different strategies - such as the 'inspirational slide show' which hopefully you have now looked at- that never fails to inspire...and one day soon that will be featuring us current CD'ers.
What about a daily walk, I know that the weather isn't great and the evenings are get darker earlier, but it could be a healthy way of occupying 15/20 minutes or more a day - a gentle exercise to bring about the 'feel good' factor.

Best wishes for getting to goal!
hi anthony well done on youre amazing loss so far.

you do have willpower or you wouldnt have gotten through the first couple of days this isnt an easy diet but it bloody works. just remember that youre head is playing mind games with you cos youre not actually hungry its trying to make you think you are by giving out these nasty cravings to trick you in to putting something in youre mouth but dont cos it starts off a really vicious cycle trust me ave been there.

i spend hours and hours on the pc playing games it stops me wanting food i drink loads of water and coffee. i try not watch the tv because ive realised thats my trigger for wanting to eat. do you know what youre food trigger is yet?

good luck and stick with it. if youre feeling really really helpless phone youre cdc for ten mins and theyll help you through it mines does i can phone her when i feel like cheating and she'll talk me out of it and by the time i come off the phone the craving has passed.

keep in touch xx

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