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Need support

Hi everyone.

I am really struggling at the moment. I had been back on track and going well and it all seems to have gone downhill. I have had quite a few issues that have led to some major emotional eating, which I am not happy with myself about. I am hoping that things can maybe settle down a bit after this week as my Dad has had to go in for an op on his lungs today which I have just been really worried about the results of.
I know that I deserve to be healthy in my head, but I am struggling to put this into practice for the last 2 weeks.
This week I haven't even taken the tablets as I wouldn't have been able to cope with the side effects that I know would have been there.

I think I just need people that understand to know and if there is any advice that you can give - things that have worked for you maybe that would be great as well

Thanks for letting me ramble. I hate feeling like this.
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Sorry to hear about your dad Jacqui, I hope he's okay.

I don't know how best to advise you. Normally when I get my cravings it's when I'm nowhere near the food in question or I try and talk myself out of it.

Is there something you can do to distract you instead of eating?


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hi sorry to hear about your dad.. also not really any advice, but it is a majorly stressful time for you, so i wouldnt really worry about things too much..

maybe find something to focus on.. an outfit (not too far away in size maybe one or two sizes down and really work on that.)
I was in a similar situation last year Jacqui, and to be honest the only thing that got me back on the straight and narrow was to get back on the tablets.
I had actually stopped the tabs ( with my Drs support), and started at Rosemary Conley, when my Gran died suddenly, 6 weeks later we lost my Uncle to pancreatic cancer. I emotionally ate for about 2 months. The thing is, we know what we need to do, we know what we're supposed to do, but when real life comes and kicks you in the kisser, we're going to react to to, we're only human after all.
Take it a day at a time hun, and if you don't go back on the tabs just now, that's fine, you could though maybe try sticking to low fat. You have to do what you feel is best for you. For me, it was as I said, going back on the tabs. I felt that it gave me at least some control back into my life. At the time it felt like the only thing that was within my own control.
Thinking of you hun
What a lovely reply from Ali (Sorry, It won`t let me give you any rep :( ). And also the replies from the others.

Big hugs hun, I hope everything goes well with your dad Xxx
Thanks for the thoughts.
Ali thank you so much for sharing. I have decided that I will start back on the tablets Fri. I am going to try and eat low fat tomorrow but whether I do or not I will start taking them Friday, I finish work for week so even if I do get some side effects it will be manageable. I think you are right I just need to do it.

Thanks all
Take one day at a time hun, and above all else, don't heap pressure on yourself. It's a tough time and yep you want to feel and be in control, you also need to be kind to yourself too xxx
I don't have much more to add but wanted to give some support. Try not to beat yourself up too much. Maybe buy a few low fat treats..i tried the skinny cow double choc lollies and they are delicious! You may just need to remind your taste buds that there are some nice low fat foods out there. hugs Leese

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