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Need to ask...support?

Hi all...

Me again just wondering... as I do....

While on sw... how supportive is your partner? Do you feed him/her the same?

Just that one min mine said its ok I will eat what you do..........then made me feel like a right plonker and said I don't want that...***....

Mine also said that when I shop for food it is all about my diet... which it isn't actually... coffee.. .butter.. bread... cheese...sugar...etc....isn't on my list!!! It is very hard to shop for my stuff (what ever that is...) over here as can't find any of the things everyone talks about.. may help if I spoke the lingo though eh haha!

I do find it very disheartening so any tips would be great... .I also think my food is really lovely..:sigh:

I wonder.... is it cause he sees the change in me and is feeling threatened...:confused:
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Is so very nearly there!
My OH eats the same as me more often than not :)

He does buy BAD food tho lol

Where are you based!?x
Hi Claire :D

I am in France....

Don't get me wrong I still give him as you say bad stuff lol.....

Maybe I am just being picky as I am not feeling well...


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My OH is the same. He says he'll eat whatever I eat, and he will meal wise. He says don't buy any junk, biscuits, chocolate etc.. but he is a huge muncher at night and complains there's nothing for him to snack on. Well duh!! You told me not to buy it eejit.

I've told him, if there's nothing he wants, he is very capable of going to the shop to get something LOL
lol I like it Tiz!!!

We don't tend to go out much as live in a little hamlet... yes that is no shop for miles... a church that never opens and only a few houses..... I also don't drive so can't even nip out ... so when I do our week shopping I have to plan ahead!!

Geesh as if it isn't hard enough we have to shoulder their cravings as well grrrr lol!!


Is so very nearly there!
He supports me thi and I have had words this weekend about as I didnt think he was being fair on me! Things have changed now - He leaves me to it and he better keep doing that Or I will go mad!

I think its men in general to be honest!x


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Mine isn't particularly supportive. He wants me to lose the weight and he will eat the food I make but he won't make anything for me in the SW way and he still buys me stuff I'm not supposed to have
My hubby is supportive but I do have to adjust things for him as I don't think it's totally fair to enforce him on the diet too. Although he could stand to lose a few pounds....! I know of quite a few people who's partners have lost a lot on SW without knowing anything about the diet - a target lady at group said her hubby lost 4st and a friend of mine says hers has lost 3st and my dad (my mum's at SW with me) is the lightest now that he's ever been lol. So it can be good thing.

However it is harsh if they really don't want to eat the food but you are the one in charge of the shopping and cooking and your priority really is to stick to the plan. I think the way it works is really to plan ahead. I like the quorn southern burgers so when I have one of them (2.5 SYNS) I give hubby 2 beef burgers instead. But he still has it with SW chips (better than oven chips he says) and I like to spruce our SW meals up with things still in plan that don't seem like they would be - like chucking a fried egg on top of the chips for example.

I think ultimately partners have to realise that in order for it to work we really have to commit to it and it's not fair for them to tempt us back into old habits, and also if we are all eating more healthily then it's better for everyone! As time goes on and the effort starts to show I'm sure your partner will realise that the sacrifices are worth it

I fully understand what you are saying Emerald but really we are life changing eating habits... I actually really do hate the word diet even though I have used it myself.

All that we eat is healthy and good for us.. .I have always had a healthy eating plan,... very rarely fry always cooked without added oil etc anyway... if this is a life changing plan and they want to be a part of our lives then they should respect what we are doing.

Ok.. I spoke to my hubby and said whats up!! and then he said he is really pleased that I am loosing weight... wrong things to say hahahaha... so I said oh so you wanted me to loose weight.. no he said.. I have married you for who you are an accepted that... makes me sound like a right ogre doesn't it haha..

I don't mind adapting food.. but seeing as I don't deep fry etc.. nothing has really changed but doesn't want to eat my stuff!!!

What is stuff... fresh veg... lean meat etc

grrrrrrrrr lol.....

Anyway I am starting to look at it.. if he wants to eat he will eat what I put in front of him and if he doesn't then he knows where the kitchen is!!!

Oh and I do know that they are not all bad.... I mean my husband is medium build but still healthy eating isn't going to do him or any others harm is it. If they wanted us to give something up... we would compromise for them... but not all do for us...

Oh I can't wait to be slim or slimish haha... he is going to be so insecure hahahahaha oh that was mean lol
my boyfriend is quite supportive on the food front, he tries to do sw too even though he doesnt have much of a grasp and says things like 'oh im on a red day today, im going to have loads of rice with this chicken cury' and makes me giggle inside. generally we often have seperate meals on a night but often the same, he still has take aways but i dont. he also eats nimble bread, lean meat, quorn etc. whereas before we were a lot more unhealthy. he was 12.7stone when we started dating now he is 10.8!! and he doesnt have much of an idea of sw as refuses to read the books but genereally eats what i eat. weve also cut down on alcohol alot as a couple.

exercise wise he can be a bit touchy, like if i want to go to the gym its always like 'oh you never spend time with me, youd always rather be at the gym' which isnt true as im just trying hard to loose weight. he also wont take the dog for long walks and would rather take him to the park let him off for 5 mins then come home whereas i take him jogging when i can. he CAN be very supporting but changes his tune alot - men *rolls eyes*
men there funny creatures..like you said if he doesnt want to eat what you eat then he knows where the kitchen is..my oh is quite good he 9 times out of 10 eats what i do,but if he wants chips or something naughty then he just has it..he doesnt make a big deal out of it though
my boyfriend always sits on the sofa saying hes hungry expecting me to make him something then ill suggest soemthing and he whinges and goes to make something completely different. they know where the kitchen is lol!


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I'm quite lucky as OH is doing the diet with me, but he still drives me mad!! He expects me to plan everything, won't learn the rules, so is constantly asking "if i'm on a green day can I have this?" or "how much of this am I allowed" and I have to take responsibility for his syns and HEXS to make sure he has enough/not too much. He wants to do the diet so I wish he would just learn how to do it properly. Oh and to top it all off, he ends up losing more than me every single weigh in day:banghead:

Bless, our men can't win!!!


My boyfriend bought loads of chocolate this weekend when we were watching films. FATAL!

Next time I am just going to be like "OY, i'm eating healthily... can you just wait and have the chocolate when I go back to uni please?"

Lol. I am an evil girlfriend. Bwahahaa


Just follow the plan
My DH wont eat anything in front of me that I cant have myself. He has lost half a stone eating the same as me but doesnt need to lose any more so I'm making him have more syns/healthy extras. When I made pizza for them all he offered to do it next time as I love pizza and couldnt have any, home made is not the same!

My DH is great, he knows how bad I want to be slim and he would love it too. He is just a great pita in other ways!!


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I'm quite lucky , my man is really supportive. Most nights he eats the same as me but where i count my hex i just give him more meat or whatever, but i still buy in stuff for the freezer for them too like pizza and stuff incase i'm just having something quick then they can stick something in the oven from the freezer.

What really gets on my nerves though is when he's sat all night eating junk, crisps chocolate etc, then he helps himself to my fruit and mullerlights or any of my 'diet food'.
Hehe, love this post.

My OH can be really supportive when he's not there (we live apart), however, when he comes over he always suggests takeaways and starbucks etc.

I'm teaching him "new foods", e.g. he's never tried fresh tuna or roast vegetables or beansprouts..... so he's learning that healthy eating can actually be enjoyable. x


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exercise wise he can be a bit touchy, like if i want to go to the gym its always like 'oh you never spend time with me, youd always rather be at the gym' which isnt true as im just trying hard to loose weight. he also wont take the dog for long walks and would rather take him to the park let him off for 5 mins then come home whereas i take him jogging when i can. he CAN be very supporting but changes his tune alot - men *rolls eyes*
Mr Taz is the same with my martial arts training.

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