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Need to chuck out my scales!!

To cut a long story short, this year so far has beenkind of stressful. I seemed to have used that as an excuse when it comes to SW, which has left me feeling awful about myself, and culminated in my weighing in on Weds 1lb heavier than Jan when I joined. I had a fab day yesterday, stuck to the plan and enjoyed my food 100%. Thought I would hop on the scales (I don't knwo why, as if one day would do much!), just to see, and was a bit dismayed, my scales were quite decent and always accurate in line with SW scales, so I was a bit worried it seemed to think my weight had gone up. Anyway, I picked them up to move them, and there was a HUGE rattle, somethings loose inside and I think they might be a bit broken! Ah well, that will stop me weighing in the week. I might make sure they go in the bin today, just to make sure!!:D
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Aww bummer, hope they weren't too expensive! But as you say it'll stop you weighing yourself!

I also have good scales that I (kinda) trust, but they can be my worst enemy if I use them between WI dates. I've just decided to ignore them unless it's Friday morning - sometimes I feel like Garfield, and can be seen glaring down at them and pointing an accusing finger of "You lie!!"
lol - garfield. Here are some other classic garfield quotes:

  • Garfield: "Everything tastes good when you're on a diet"
  • Jon: I'm going to start you on your diet slowly, Garfield. For the rest of the week you may have no desserts.
Garfield: Fine and dandy. (Eyeing a double-layered cake) Helloooo, main course.

  • Jon: I'm starting your diet, Garfield. How would you like this head of cabbage prepared?
Garfield: Deep-fry that sucker. Jon: Boiled it is. Garfield: What we have here is a failure to communicate.


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Scales are bad! I know because I can't stop hopping on them, I don't want to get rid of mine though because I can't cope with the suspense when it comes to official class WI, I prefer to know how I've done.
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Garfield: Fine and dandy. (Eyeing a double-layered cake) Helloooo, main course.

ha ha ha - i actually thought to make sure the cous cous cake is free i will have it as a main meal and then the cous cous is like a dinner so not free food abuse ;)


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I know exactly how you feel, I have just been trying to figure out for the last half hour whats wrong with mine. :mad: They are weight watchers digital scales and are telling me I've lost two stone this week!!! I think not! :rolleyes:

I'm hoping I still have warranty because if I recall they cost me about £40!! :eek:

I suppose I'll just have to be suprised at weigh in on Monday :D

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