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Need to Eat?


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I was weighed on Day 8 of CD SS and had lost just over 9lbs. During that time I was quite happy with SS. I wonder why on day 9 I felt like I really wanted to eat. I cooked my DH's tea sausages and mash and I wanted to eat it and yet I don't even eat meat. Am I going mad ?:D Anyone else felt like this? I seem to be ok today though.
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Hey hun - you are doing a marvellous job. Please don;t give in and eat now. It's sooo hard to get back onto CD when you break it (take it from one who knows ;)). It's just your brain telling you that you want food - you don't really want it, do you?

Just think in another few days you'll be past the inital 2 weeks and will be able to have the bars. Then you can have a bit of something to 'eat'.

C'mon chick, stay strong and don't give in. You can do it x


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Yup - when I first started I would get weird cravings come on really suddenly for things that were not part of my regular diet. This is our lovely subconscious trying to trick us into eating to satisfy an emotional need rather than because we are genuinely hungry on a physical level :rolleyes:.

I found I had frequent incidences of "false hunger" in the first month of the diet but over time they became much weaker and infrequent in response to not being satisfied.

Well done on resisting!
is important to realise that you dont 'need' to eat but that you want to eat. I get times when i really fancy eating something but i know its short lived. I just try to keep busy during that time.
Keep going and dont give in
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Hi there

Try to resist if you possibly can. I still get days like that but they have become less frequent, dig deep, grit your teeth and I always find the following day you are well and truly back on track. Well done for getting this far.



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Hi Hun i am so in the same boat as you today is day 9 for me and yesterday i was sat at work really craving cabbage and gravy, Im not even that keen on cabbage FFS!!

Mrs V

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Hi Dragonfly.

Well done for not giving into temptation, it's the smell that makes it all so inviting, but when you have a taste, you suddenly realise that very often the smell and taste do not go together!!!

The vanilla shakes are really nice and its great when you can find a taste that you like whilst on the CD!

Just think, you have lost 9lbs already, do you really want to gain that by eating some rubbish???

Good luck Hun.

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Have you noticed how many tv adverts are for food? I'd never noticed before but now it seems every single ad has lovely food on it, and I'm craving every single thing. It has to be a psychological thing, its funny how our brains work and try to trick us!

Lil K

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I know exactly how you're feeling Dragonfly. Im on Day11 and for the past couple of days I have had intense cravings for just about anything and everything - but I'm not going to resist to temptation. If I do I'll be back to square one again, and there is no way that I want to do week 1 all over again.

As for food being cooked around you, the first time this happened to me I thought 'I must not smell it, it will only make things worse' but then I thought 'it's only a smell' and so I took in a big lung - full of the curry my husband was cooking, and do you know what? - I was actually satisfied with just smelling the stuff. It might not work for everyone but its enough to get me through. It's a standing joke between us now when I ask 'So, what am I smelling tonight then?' :D

Keep strong - you've already had a great start xx
well done for resisting. i did 7 days prep and 7 days ss then fell off the wagon and had 7 days stuffing my face ! fortunately i didnt put any wt on that i had lost . i am really struggling today to get on the wagon again. wish i had your discipline. i am ashamed of myself and more annoyed that i could have lost another few pounds ..............
you go girl , slimville is calling you !

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