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need to get back on Slim and Save

Hiya had a break from slim and save coz of nights out etc and have been trying to get back in the zone since Monday im finding it so hard to start again hubbys been off work this week and I cant stop eating !!!!anyone else had this happen? Ive started reading a book by Doreen Virtue about breaking yoyo dieting aand it was saying that foods we binge on contain certain chemicals which make us feel good for a while then we need a fix of them again so then we cant help eating more of them ~ I have come to realise that I cannot cope with eating again coz if I start it all get out of hand and I start scoffing too much again!!! I need to get my head in shape as well as my body so to speak , my friend has been having hypnotherapy pretend gastric band fitted as well as hynotherapy about why she overeats etc ~ she has been doing really well ~ she has lost well over a stone but slowly ~ wish I could afford this but well out of my price range anyway gonna try and get back on it tom ~ im scared to go near the scales I dread to think how much weight I have gained !!!:sigh:
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Hi persephone, it is incredibly hard to get back in the 'zone' when you stop and try to restart. I don't know why that is but when I start the diet from scratch it's like my head obeys the rules and sticks to them like I'm under a spell and I'm super motivated. When I eat again and try to get back on track afterwards my head tries to rebel. Think that's the best way I can put it, but it is much harder for some reason. I always warn people not to break out of ketosis unless they've thoroughly thought things through as it's so damn hard to get back on track again. I managed it once this time after I had a break for a holiday but I'm dreading the office Xmas night out as I'm planning to eat and drink then and I just hope I can be strong and get back on track straightaway. I'm also planning to get back on again after Xmas so that's 2 episodes of trying to get back on track in the pipeline that I'm really not looking forward to.

Try to look at tomorrow as a new start. You were so close to goal even if you've put on weight you must be able to lose it pretty quickly as your metabolism would have returned to normal by now so you must be due some good losses. What sort of things are you drawn to? Can you not try to stick to protein if you are drawn to proper food so that you can help yourself get into ketosis again when things are always easier?

I fancy hypnotherapy to help me keep the weight off when I'm done but I've heard mixed reports about it so given that it's quite pricey I'm undecided.
Ive probably put a good half a stone on this week so not so near to goal now !!!! Id got down to 11.7lb ( think I may have sobotaged myself on purpose for some crazy reason I can't understand! ) which Im happy at being was gonna try and get down to 11 stone so I could afford to put a few lbs on. Ill never be skinny nor do I want to be I really hadnt realised the extent of the problem I had with food , the last time I had a break I was eating protein and salad mainly still put a few pounds on but wasn't bothered about chocolate or anything but this time it probably didnt help it being TOTM either! anyway probably better its happened now hopefully the book may help , ive also bought the book the Beck diet~ how to eat like a thin person ! if I had the money I would do hypnotherapy everyone overeats for a reason its just finding out what that reason is and addressing it I suppose . I was planning having a break at xmas ( after getting to goal hopefully ) then switching to weightwatchers I have been on the ww forum and a few people have switched like this ( from cambridge to ww) and put on the first week but have lost the week after so I thought this could be a plan anyway hope to be in control tomorrow :) and thankyou for your help and support :)
how you doing babe are you back on track now? i rarely get back on track after a break that why i waited so long before i took my break from it because of the fear of not getting back onto it.

thankfully last time when i took my 2 weeks off although hard i managed to get back on track!

hope you beat it hun x
Hiya I felt rubbish yesterday think I picked up a virus thats going round so I started back today must say its been really hard been feeling really sorry for myself but knew if I didnt start back today It get harder and harder~ silly thing is the crap that I had been eating didnt make me feel any better just wanted to eat more and more of the junk so I keep trying to remember that!, I put on 7lbs too :( hopefully get that off quickly my plan is to lose a stone by xmas then ill be 11 stone I am expecting put on at least 7lb at xmas so will then switch to weightwatchers or slimming world to loose what I put on at xmas ! I have a couple of nights out before xmas ~ one being an all you can eat chinese eeeek!!!! so we shall see what happens....

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