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Need to get my photos blown up?


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No, not literally, as in bombed, although last year I'd have begged for this! :p

My LLC has got a new contract with a local GP surgery who are paying for their patients to go on LL! How amazing is that?! Anyway, she's asked me to go to the GP surgery with her a week on Tuesday to meet all the patients due to start to tell them all about LL and my experience on it. I'm delighted to be asked, but she's asked me to get my photos blown up - I've tried a couple of sites, but they don't seem very easy to use - anyone have a fave photo site at all, which is easy to upload to and order from, and one that gives the most help in order to get the best order would be great too.

Thanks in advance guys! :)
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Wow!! What an exciting venture! Great stuff for your GP too. If only more were like that. Hopefully things will start to change as LL gets older and the benefits are more obvious.

I hope LL will be paying for the larger photos though.


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WOW PS that's brilliant, what a great thing for the GP and LL, and you should be so proud that you'll be the poster-girl!

Take digital image to local shop would be my advice - they'll do it in no time


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how exciting!
wow, poster girl - i'm sure you will inspire everyone!

daisy x


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Hi PS,

I went to Klick and they have a machine. I had one on a memory card which you just popin the machine and select which size you want. You then pay for it over the counter and then 10 minutes later (or so) voila, a bigger picture. If you need any help I'm sure of the people in the shop will be more than helpful.


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That's great to hear that GPs are finally realising that LL is a safe and effective way to loose weight. All I ever got told is to go on Xenical (which was a HORRID experience!) or to 'get a grip' and count my calories.....

Hope your presentation goes well Poppy, you look fab and I'm sure all the potential recruits will be very impressed by what you acheieved in such a short time!

Loula xxx
Congratulations Poppy S

No doubt you will inspire others to try LL, there's nothing like meeting a real person who has achieved such a super result. It must make you feel a million dollars. And great to hear of an enlightened GP at last.
Well done you. Get your pics blown up HUGE and surely the GP will oay for it out of the budget with tackling obesity being such a hot topic for the NHS at the moment. Well done you xxxx

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