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need to loose weight nervous though


Hippety Hop!
Hi Lonelymum or better to call you Lynn, Welcome to the forum.

Well done on joining the WW programme and whilst I am not doing that one myself my daughter is and is having great success too.
Don't expect too much from yourself, by that I mean don't get overly worried or depressed when those blips occur as they surely will as none of us are perfect. Just take each day as it comes, start your own diary on here and let us know not only what you are eating but how you are feeling and that way we can chime in to support you.

All the very best in you exciting journey ....:)
Hi and welcome :)
I have been doing ww for 4 weeks now and i have lost 5pound in total (my target is actually only half a stone mayb a tad more)
Its easy to stick with but my advice would be to track everything!! If u r unsure about point values just post a thread on here and people will help.
How many points do you have per day and what would you like to lose??
Good luck! X

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Overweight or undertall?!
hi lynn

i feel like i've been on a diet for most of my adult life but for the first time i am confident that i can shift the weight and keep it off!

propoints, in my opinion, is the best diet that fits in with my life. on the old ww plan i had to save up points each day for weekend treats but now i have a whole set of weekly points to use as i please

no need to be nervous, if you are unsure of anything just fire the questions on this forum and someone will be around to answer your queries.

i love minimins, it's my virtual family giving me all the support i need :hug99:

all the best xx


Overweight or undertall?!
remember this saying and it might help you:-

little pickers wear big knickers!! xx


Overweight or undertall?!
set yourself small targets of 7 pounds instead of looking at the overall picture and it is then not so frightening, i have lost my first stone and am now looking at conquering the next 7 pounds :D

you can do it too xx
If you want to loose your weight you need to do following things:
Go for Morning walks
Don't eat Fatty Foods
Do Yogas
Don't eat oily Foods
Do Exercise Everyday