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Need to lose 6 stone. Can I do Exante for 2 months then WW or SW?


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I don't see why not. Two months on exante will give your weight loss plan a great kick start. Go for it.

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I will do this...
As long as you ease back into eating (check the other VLCD groups who have advice on refeed plans) I cant imagine why not.

You might find that you enjoy doing this tho - I know I planned to do this when I got to 2 - 2 and a half stone before my target when I first started this in February. I've lost 6 and a half stone now, 5 of that through exante and with 3 stone to go til I get to that marker that I thought I would switch I can say I won't be doing that now. I like the fast weightloss. I'm rambling lol but I'm just meaning that you might surprise yourself, I know I have. Xx
I think the main problem with SW and WW after exante is the rapid increase in calories.....when i gave up exante last year to go to SW my SW consultant told me to expect a few weeks of either a slight gain or a STS til my body adjusted and she was right. But after a few weeks i was losing weight again. Good luck xx
I'm planning on doing a similar thing - Exante for 10 weeks to holiday, then move onto my own low-carb, low-cal diet to shift the remaining stone or so after my holiday. I think the key is to not just switch straight to a low-cal programme like WW or SW, cuz that could well be high-carb - meaning you put on quite quickly after a VLCD. Check out the CD or LL forums for transitioning after a VLCD - I did CD before and remember there being a thorough re-feed programme.
I would have thought that SW is calorie-controlled, otherwise how would you lose weight? :)
I would have thought that SW is calorie-controlled, otherwise how would you lose weight? :)
It's food optimising, there are three plans you can follow each with unlimited free foods, you are allowed syns for choc, wine, mayo, gravy.......... It's brill & it works:D
I have lost about 6 1/2 stone on Exante and plan to lose 1 1/2 stone more then move on to weight watchers. If I can't do 100% days I will just have to move to WW sooner.

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