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Need to lose 8-9st with a dodgy leg

I've always been on the larger side (25st). I was of the opinion that as long as I could still go hill walking and play the odd 5-a-side match then the weight wasn't too much of an issue for me health and mobility wise. Relationship wise; well let's just say that's always been a bit of a non-starter.

Over the past couple of years I've developed a niggling problem in my leg. It has progressively gotten worse up until the point at Christmas time where I could no longer make it out of my street on foot.

Being a complete man about it, I insisted that I was fine and a few weeks R&R would do the trick. I lost 3st by changing up my diet to see if that would help. Fast forward to July and I'm still off work, still unable to walk the length of myself and pretty worried.

Swallowing the bitterest of pride pills I headed off to the doctors. He said the problem manifested itself as potential arterial disease, however upon taking the pulse at various points he ruled that out and has referred me to see a Neurologist.

He did however notice that I had a problem with my arms and had a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He scheduled blood tests to try and work out what was causing it and they came back showing that I had Type 2 Diabetes. :eek::eek::eek:

At 27 a condition like that is not even on your radar. So now I'm as near as makes no difference 22st, waiting for surgery on both arms, still to have leg diagnosed, with a disease that could well take me to an early grave and 7 or more stone (11 if the BMI calculator has its way) still to lose.

And the Doctor said "don't let it get you down" :8855:
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Wow, you have been through it mate.

Here's hoping you get to your goal.
I'm expecting it to be a bit of a struggle, hopefully not though.

As an aside I've just been weighed in at the diabetes clinic and I'm down 9 and a bit lbs this week which I'm quite pleased with!
This week I've been trying to incorporate a bit more exercise into the mix. I'm barely managing a few minutes on the eliptical or stationary bike before crippling agony strikes in the trouble area of my leg. Today I tried to push through the pain and lasted just over 7 minutes and had tears of exertion streaming down my face. Rugby and boxing training from my teens and early 20s taught me to push through pain, but this is something else! I found myself wanting to quit and go back to my old ways. No chance!!

I'm seeing the Neurologist later this month to try and root out the cause of the pain (not got a date for the arm surgery yet), but I don't want to ease up any as I need this weight off so that I can get control of the diabetes. Wish I had visited the GP years ago instead of letting things spiral out of control.
Good to see you push through the pain and hope the appointment goes well.
i totally sympathise with you .. ive got carpal tunnel in both my wrists - no strength & terrible pins and needles especially at night .. i was doing a diet and dvd aerobics but tried too hard and hurt my back (strained a muscle) never had so much pain in my life - although i had lost 9lbs ... taken me since feb to recover and now i just need some motivation to get back on the wagon agian ..
what diet are you following? im very disciplined when i get going .. if its written down i`ll follow it .. i feel 100 and not 46
It's a pretty horrible condition isn't it? For so long I assumed I just had an abnormally poor amount of upper body strength, despite having a strong frame. I even suspect that my mates and family thought that I was lying and just being a bit lazy when I told them I couldn't help them carry heavy loads for more than seconds at a time. Slightly worried that the surgery doesn't leave any lasting damage with ability to grip etc.
Wow, 5 pounds is a GREAT loss, you should never be disappointed with a loss like that mate.
Today has been the first day that I've felt good in as long as I care to remember. I've semi gotten my eating and hunger pangs under control. This morning it was Special K and a banana and a couple of pints of water. Then I completed 30 mins of step on WiiFit (smashed my old step count PB), only managed 5 mins on the bike but brought weight work into my routine. After that I had a poached haddock and watercress sandwich and a clementine. Will try and get another half hour of step and maybe some calisthenics in shortly.
could you go swimming ? maybe that wouldnt hurt your leg so much ... wish i had a pool near us :(
Just checking in to see how you are going.

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