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  1. feelin good

    feelin good feelin good

    Hi Everyone,

    I really need some help. Been on lighterlife since November and lost 3st 4lbs. But, have hit a problem. Cant go to the loo anymore. When i do it hurts so much and not much happens. Has anyone else suffered? I feel like a huge poo but just cant go. I was worried incase it was gall stones. HELP !!!!!!!
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Poor you :( Horrible isn't it.

    You might need to take some senekot if it's bad. After that, try psyllium husks to keep you regular so you don't get the problem in the first place.

    Highly unlikely to be gallstones as the pain is more like a heart attack.

    Keep up the water. That'll help :)
  4. feelin good

    feelin good feelin good

    Thanks for that. Is senakot safe to take on lighterlife? thats about all i have in my medicine cupboard. It will be hard to get anywhere open tomorrow, wont it? Happy new year.:confused:
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    You should be fine. Do use something else like the Psyllium Husks in the future though to stop it getting bad again. It's so uncomfortable isn't it :( Best of luck.
  6. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    Our counsellor told us not to take Senokot as it is plant based - however looking it up it seems to use the leaves and pods of the plant and i was under the impression it was flowers we should avoid?? he recommended Dulcolax.

    i have no idea how acurate this info is though - I left that particular counsellor myself and have a new one now as I did not feel confident in some of the info he was giving me. some others here may be able to help more.

    hope you feel better soon.

  7. kebab

    kebab Full Member

    First, congrats on the weight loss!!!

    Cambridge Diet has 'Fibre 89'. It is a powder that you can add to drinks or shakes and helps to keep you regular. You can buy it from the Cambridge Diet site, or try e-bay. I've used it on LL with no problems.

    Happy New Year!:)
  8. cazmaz_irl

    cazmaz_irl Banned

    Cambridge SS
    I've always taken physillium husks, and never stopped once i started CD SS, and i've lost 14lbs in 2 weeks, not exactly poo'ing big style, but no constipation...

    OMG only dis VLCD's make us talk openingly about poo movements LOL

  9. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    There is a treatment on the market called `Dulco Ease`. To quote the packet it`softens stools`. I took it while on LL and still take it now and again and it worked for me. Before taking it, pooing was most uncomfortable and I used to delay it on the odd occasions when I had the `calling`. This of course, made things even worse. I think it is ok to take it as it`s not a laxative. Be sure to buy Dulco Ease and not Dulco Lax. Oh.........and good luck! It`s all worth it in the end
  10. Jodie

    Jodie Member

    Lighter Life
    HI there,

    Really amazing weight loss!
    Are you drinking enough water? Poo can go a bit cementish if you don't have your 4 litres a day.
    Hope you manage to figure something out - good luck!
  11. IslandBreeze

    IslandBreeze Castaway

    I had the most awful experience about 3 months in. Almost put me off ever doing a VLCD again - and i had been drinking loads of water. Afterwards I found out about glycerin suppositories from my LLC and my GP (shame neither of them mentioned it until after I'd almost split myself in two!) - softens from the outside in as it were (YUK). So if you've something really solid blocking everything above it, it softens it up so you can get it out. If you get to the point I was at, then laxatives can just cause more pain - they certainly did for me! Maybe a suppository is worth a thought? Most chemists have them. Either way, hope you feel better soon. x;)
  12. Redpam

    Redpam Living the Life

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    Please dont use Dulco-ease as it is likely to stop your weight loss. One of my clients had problems in that department and started using Dulco-ease and despite sticking to the diet rigidly she did not lose for 3 weeks. As soon as she stopped taking it she started losing weight again. One of its ingredients is Sorbitol which is a no-no for dieters.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    Dulcolax perles are an effective laxative but read the instructions carefully (unlike me) because taking four in one go will turn you agonisingly inside out! :eek:

    Like Fallenangel, I resorted to suppositories when things became too much but once I'd cleared the problem, I started taking psyllium husks (after researching them thoroughly) and have never needed a laxative or suppository since.

    They are 100% natural, are carb and calorie free and are taken every day as a preventative (they work as a bulking agent so your bowels work as they should) and can be added to food packs making either porrige or thick broth. They can also be taken in capsule form for those who don't like the idea of thick 'food'.

    If anyone wants the method for making porrige etc, just buzz me via a PM. :)

    Hope things soon become more comfortable for you Feelin'good!
  14. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    For me, and I had major troubles at first, then this is what I did!!!

    I first took Dulcolax Perles, Just the 1 and within 24 hours had managed to go relatively pain free, this made me feel a million times better. After that, I legged it to my local health food shop and got a bag of Psilly Husks and used them in soups and shakes, this kept me regular.

    AFter that I had no problems till maintenence, again, repeated the above, only started to think about foods I could use PH in and this has been fine for me.

    You need to clear out first and then prevent x
  15. feelin good

    feelin good feelin good

    I finally did a poo!!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all your messages. I was in agony on New Years Eve and when my mum rang me to wish me Happy New Year, I told her i was only up coz i am constipated!!!! So, next day i found a chemist and used Dulcolax. I was so relieved... the rest is history! Thanks everyone x
  16. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Glad you got it sorted Feelin Good :D
  17. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    sorry if i am lowering the tone but ..
    how did the constipated accountant solve his problem ?
    he worked it out with a pencil !:)
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  19. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Awww....bless ya honey, found it! (you know what i'm talking about)

  20. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    nothing worse than being bunged up.... well done on the movement...wahoo
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