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Need to talk to someone

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I joined in early January I think or late December with all the determination of losing weight. But then came summer and with summer came intense heatwaves that I couldn't exercise in.

Today I still haven't started a diet or exercise yet as I have just started college and have a part time job that is taking up my time with training and I just need to settle into a routine before I can do anything.

Today my parents told me I need to loose weight, I'm a size 20 and unlike some others my stomach shows and hangs over my pants. I know I need to loose weight, not for my parents but for myself. It has been cool this week but the temperatures here have been 43 degrees celcius and that's about 108 degrees farenheit, absolutely crazy so I'm stuck waiting until the weather cools down which might take 2 months from now and I really want to get started now.

I know I'm big which doesn't really matter to me I still feel good about myself, I'm a student so I have to diet from what groceries are bought home and can't afford the gymn so I will need to walk instead.

I just really got down because I am working as a receptionist and one male customer showed on his face what he thought of me and I could see "fat" written all over his face, this got to me and I don't have anyone to talk to about it who knows what it is like to be fat.

It was worse I had to go out on the weekend for my sister's going away party and that was fine then we had to walk through town on the main street at night where they have the night clubs to the kareoke bar and I felt self conscious and I stuck out like a sore thumb, I was the only fat person and here I was amongst normal to skinny people dressed up to go out, I just felt crushed and was dying to go home as I didn't really want to advertise my size on a busy street and in front of so many people, I just felt worse when I had to go outside for a cigarette. The street was packed with people passing by. And I nearly died with relief when we left to go home I couldn't get to the car fast enough.

Has anyone felt this way before, and if so what did you do. Normally I would just shrug this off but being the only fat person within miles just got to me, it's dented my self esteem.

Sorry if I don't reply I just don't have time to get to the computer that often.
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Once you start doing something positive about your weight you'll feel a lot more confident. When I was at my biggest, I'd get paranoid about people looking at me and thinking things about me. Make sure you eat low fat things. Avoid takeaways, and have your meat grilled or 'fried' without fat. Jacket potatoes are great. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and if you have cereals make sure they're high fibre and low fat and sugar. Drink lots of water. You don't need to go to the gym, go walking more, or dance around the house. Could you get some advice from your doctor? Good luck x


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Where are you from? As you have a lot of heat I'm guessing you are not in England! I can totally identify with everything you have said, when I was at my biggest I always felt that I stuck out. Is there a plan you can start on now that will fit in with your life now?
S: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb
I live in Australia, I just found out my hours for my part time job, I'm new there so can fit my walking in after I finish work and after school. The weather has been good, fingers crossed that the temp doesn't go up and I plan not to have takeaway's that we usually have on Thursday nights. Just need to get up early so I can have breakfast, I usually skip this meal and normally don't have lunch but I've been getting hungry at school and if I have money in my wallet I buy from the cafetaria, last time I bought something I opted for a salad and turkey wrap. My eating is fine as I usually don't binge just need to plan my days.


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if your parents keep mentioning it, then maybe you should be a little more pro-active with them.

if you can, then go food shopping with them, and if you cant, then maybe write a little list of things you'd like them to include in the weekly shop - include lots of fruit and veg, wholewheat pasta and rice. im sure they wont mind changing little bits if it's for the good of your health.

i tend to make a big batch of pasta or rice salad at the beginning of the week, which i take to work in tuppaware tubs (and it's great for a quick snack if youre peckish-it's a quick fix, and slow release energy, so you wont reach for unhealthy snacks)

swimming is always a good all over exercise, and you could even go early in the morning before school/work. over here they do student rates for the swimming baths, and it doesnt cost a lot at all.

good luck with it all! if you need any more advice, then you know where we are.............
S: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb
Thanks for your advice, it's highly unlikely I'll go swimming but I can go walking and if I budget carefully I might even be able to go to the gym. Starting weight watchers in 2 weeks time so I'm looking forward to that. Just need to get my goals in order, I like to write everything down and bob's your uncle. I talked to the girls at work about my weight and they said I was slightly overweight, nothing to bad so I'm relieved. Weathers been holding out so fingers crossed again that it stays that way. Unfortunately for me I refuse to eat the same thing over the week, I'll only eat it twice, I've always liked variety.


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I can see why your parents mentioned it, but it doesn't help how you are feeling. My mum does the same to me, to a degree and now I have three children I understand why she does it (although I wish she wouldn't sometimes). My children are all perfect, wonderfull, beautiful, smart etc.., etc.. if they were a little over weight I would probably also try to encourage them to loose weight, because I want the world to see how beautiful and attractive and perfect in every way. I would want them to be happy, and if I did think their weight was holding them back with confidence, I would want to do everything in my power to change this. Its hard on the recieving end though. I think your parents want the best for you and they think your weight is upsetting you and want to change it for you. Use it to your benefit and harness their support for when you do figure out how you would like to loose weight, you will find their support invaluable.
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yes the hardest part is starting. but i will tell you the most rewarding part of it is the physical exercise, when you swet, u know your burning some of that fat. infact i been running everyday and i cant wait to get out there tonight. its really enjoyable.

the food part i find dificult because ive always eaten what i wanted, i just had a very fit body before so it didnt make a difference. so im just slowly working my way back towards that stage with a mixture of weight lifting, eating better and running.
hi jada, i no exactly how you feel i'm also a size 20 but i'm small 5ft3 so i do look big,but im starting on xenical on monday so fingers crossed i can do it this time,but you must do this for u not ur mum and dad!!

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