Need to vent - kick in the pants.....


Sorry to vent but its necessary.
Here's the background. My eldest started school recently and has been getting picked on by this particular kid (he also picked on her last year in nursery).
Long story short, I don't like the kid. At all. :mad: I know he's a child, and that my judgement is coloured by the fact that he is picking on my girl, but in addition to that, he is a sneaky sly child also. He is the sort of kid that causes trouble/fights for others and then gets out of the way so that they take the fall. He is also a bully and regularly gets told off by the teachers for hitting other children. My girl isn't the only one he "goes for". :(
Anyhoo, to cut to the chase so to speak. I've been fiddling about with VLCD (first LL and now CD) for the last 9 months. On the wagon, off the wagon, half on half off, where is the bloomin' wagon! :confused: :confused: Some of you may know what I mean. If you don't, then the only thing I can say is "STAY ON THE BL00DY WAGON" as its a nightmare to get back on it if you come off. :eek:
Anyway, I digress. Today I've received the KICK in the pants that I've needed. My eldest turned to me this afternoon and said "mummy, C** said that you need to go on a diet because you're fat". :eek: :( Talk about a conversation stopper. We were in Vic Reeves joke territory, complete with tumbleweed. :(
There has never been a truer cliche than out of the mouths of babes.
My first reaction was to think "well, his mum's not exactly twiggy either!" :cool: :mad: Childish I know but there it is. Then I felt like strangling the little sod (the boy, not my daughter). Then my rational head took over and I thought, well I can't be angry with the kid for speaking the truth for once can I? :( I sort of went through mortification (my parents and uncle were there at the time), anger, petulance and guilt within seconds. Mortification because of the audience. Anger because it annoyed me, petulance because I wanted to "get my own back" and guilt because my messing about with the diet has affected my child. :( :( :(
Now I've got my nasty angry head :mad: on and I'm determined to finish this and get to a healthy weight. I don't want my girls to have a hang up about their body from my bad example. :( I don't want them to get picked on because of me. I want to be able to think to myself in a few months time "well, I lost the weight but you'll probably always be a nark" (even though I know that is totally childish but it would be satisfying to my petty inner child!). ;) :p
So today I've had 2.5ltrs so far and 2 packs. I'm feeling fairly ratty, which HAS NOT been helped by the above incident and have been a bit fluey but as I said, my nasty bl00dy minded head is in control so I'm just thinking "bring it on". :rolleyes: Every minute of feeling rough is getting me closer to goal. Every hour I manage to stick with this is another hour nearer to being a healthy weight and shape. Every day I stay on track is a day closer to proving to myself and everyone else (horrible children included) that I CAN do this. :D
Anyway, sorry for venting my spleen and boring you all, but I needed to get it of my (blooming huge but soon to be shrinking) chest. :) :p

Thanks for "listening".

Hi there Moomum

As a mum of three with youngest just started school I know how the playground dynamics can be (not talking kids here but the mums). I don't like criticising women here inparticularly mums but yes it can get pretty bitchy out there particularly when defending our little darlings. However, much you try to ignore it, it is difficult and does hurt. One particular mum would always be bitchy about this person or that person and I always felt that her criticisms she probably applied to me too. Anyway despite me wanting to say let it all wash over you I am so happy that you are using it to you advantage in motivating you again.

What a perfect time to get back on the wagon with Xmas just short of 3 months away. I got back on the wagon a couple of weeks ago and from the sounds of it I think you have the motivation and resolve that you need now.

Here are some pointers of what I did:

1. I thought to myself I can do this, I did it before, I found it much much easier than I thought, I actually enjoyed it, it was exciting.

2. I joined this forum as I didn't know about it before and got totally addicted for the week but told myself as the jobs built up. It is in a good cause.

3. I got really obsessive about drinking the water and make sure that I have had it all at least before I pick the kids up from school. I have a 8oz glass and have at least two glasses each hour and write them down. Then any other fluids or extra water I have through the day is extra.

4. I bought ketostix I wanted to know 100% when I was and wasn't in ketosis and not kid myself. I found it exciting to test early morning and on the 4th morning I was thrilled to see it not just pink but dark pink. I use them everyday now just for the thrill!

5. I tried to make the diet as new and fresh as possible to get back that excitement of starting something new. So tried new flavours, tried some hot I'd only before had cold. I tried bars for the first time and just have half a bar in the evening as a treat.

I am boring myself here but you've got the idea try to make it feel like a fresh start. It is your priority this week and don't feel guilty about it. If it gets hard or even if it doesn't use the forum. Feel great you are doing this and you are going to do this for yourself and your family.

Go for it Girl.

Dizzy x

By the way I had an absolutely flawless week that week and was so proud to lose 8lb. Which was fantastic as it was TOTM week.
Thanks Dizzy.
I know what you mean about the playground dynamic. It can be weird at times.
I'm just going to use this experience to spur me on. I know I can do this. I have done it before (lost 3st on LL to begin with). At the end of the day I need to stop viewing food as anything but fuel for the time being. I WILL NOT allow my weight to be used as a weapon against my kids. I will beat this. As I said, my nasty obstinate head is well and truly on and I'm viewing my weight as an "enemy" to beat now. Sounds scary maybe, but it will help me to keep focussed.
Thanks again for your response.

I'll watch out for you the next few days to spur you on. So if you need anything....Dizzy x
im glad you using your anger to motivate you, i had a similiar thing happen to me all through primary with my lad and another little sly boy, i often felt like throttling the other child and his parents, but i know karma will bite their ass before long, and actually it has but thats another story, keep the memory of the anger in there to spur you on, good luck
Hi All

Thanks for your thoughts. Its nice to know that I'm not alone.:) Hope everyone has had a good day.
Well, I've been good today. Considering it was sunday lunch at mum's (which is usually fatal as she makes fantastic gravy:( ) I' ve managed to stay on track. I'm up to my 3rd litre of water and I'm saving my choc/mint pack to have as a night cap whilst watching cracker in a bit (its taping on sky+).
Everytime I felt like wobbling, I just remembered yesterday and thought "no more" and that was that.
Anyway, I'm off to whip up my pack and watch Robbie Coltrane.
Nighty night all

Take care

Hey Moomum - for me, anger was the primary emotion that carried me through SSing!!!

Queen Beaytch in the playground (which is my personal gladiatorial battleground these days!!) once remarked to me that I'd never be a size 10, as my hips were too big.

I silently fumed and thought - you just watch me, lady!!!!

When I got into a size 10, she couldn't bear to make any comment!!!!!!!!!


Now I've relaxed (too much) and am a size 12, I'm using my animosity towards her to help me get back there!

GO for it!!! Prove the beggars wrong!!!!
Thanks Isobel

Nice to hear from you. I've not been on line much for a while. Probably because I was off the rails and didn't want to deal with it. Anyhow, I'm back and am going to do this and the beehatches in the playground can k155 my rapidly shrinking 8utt!! lol:eek:

Take care


I'm off to face the hags in a minute myself - and I have to get myself psyched up for sashaying around the playground like I own the fecking place hehehe!!

Well, if they're going to hate me, let's give em good reason LMTO!!!!

Too true!:) :) I've just survived another encounter! One more on the way to yummy mummy-dom lol!

Take care
Kick in the pants - episode 2

I'm off to bed now after another 100% day. I'm sooo happy that I've managed to get through another day of SSing. I have definitely gotten a distinct liking for choc/vanilla combo of packs. Its sooo yummy and I can almost convince myself I'm having something really decadent :) :eek: I think it may become a regular thing when I catch up with my Sky + stuff.....
Anyhow, hope everyone has had a good day... We are all one step nearer to getting to goal!
Night night all

Well, I'm v pleased to report that the keostck this morning was PINK! Probably explains why I'm feeling a bit rough this am. I'm just going to wait forthe energy surge!
I've been on pins all night as my sister in law went into labour yesterday in work (its their first baby). She's been having contractions for 2 weeks and is early (she's 34 weeks). Can't wait to hear how its going! I'm going to be an Aunty! Its strange because we have 3 nephews but they are Roy's Sister's kids so this one is MINE:) (if that makes any sense?).
Anyway, off to glug some water now.
Kick in yhe pants - baby news

Hi all.

Well I am now an aunty!:) :) My sis in law gave birth to a 4lb 4oz baby girl called Bethany at 9.05am today. Mum and daughter are doing fine and dad is still shell shocked.
I'm so happy. I can't wait to see her.
I'm off out to pick up eldest from school and then we're off to raid mothercare for some "pink" presents.

Kick in the pants - episode 3 - weigh in

Woo hoo! Well, I went to get weighed earlier. Not really expecting much as I've been on and off for the last 2 weeks and only started back SSing with a vengance last Saturday. I would have been happy with 2 or 3lb. I was very very very happily surpised with the result of 6.5lb off since my last WI! I am over the moon!:) :) :)
Well done, hun! And oooh - exciting news about the bubba - don't forget to post a piccy on the New Arrivals thread for all of us broody mares! lol
Lol Broody mares? That would be me Isobel! :D
I'm off to see the new arrival later this pm with my mum. I'll post a piccy later.
Well, I've been really good today. 2 packs down but not enough water (been out and about):( Still, I'm going to glug a few pints before I go to the hospital. At least I don't have to worry about finding a loo in a maternity hospital! :)