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Need Willpower......help!!


This is my year!
I've been overweight for 20 years. I joined SW back in May, had a holiday booked for August and hoped to lose as much as possible, I did lose over a stone and felt good. But since coming back in September I've found it hard to get back on plan. My willpower is down. I doing the EE and this week I really worked hard to keep on plan. I just don't know if I have anything left in me to keep it up. I'm hoping that I'm not the only one in this deep hole. I need to lose 7 stones, I don't want to give up cos I know SW works. Come on give me the push I need to help me on my way.
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I too have restarted SW but at home. I was the same last year wanted too loose the weight but did not acheive it 1/2st done.so on the 8th i started to focuse again, ive got all the books. So if you need some support maybe we could help each other, ive got 5 1/2 st , i would like to get rid off.

Hope to hear from you


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Hi janeasetler just wanted to say i wish you all the luck it is hard to stay on track and i advice you start planning days in advance taking meals from the recipe sections, have you a diary on here as well, also it may help to break your target into smaller ones all the best.x
Just wanted to say- I was in a bigger hole. When I started i had 8 stone to lose and have now lost that and maintained target for 6 months

You CAN do this! It isn't going to happen overnight (it took me 2 years) but if slow and steady works for you, just go with it- what is the alternative? Slowly gaining more weight over time and living a life that is constantly restricted by your size or how you feel about it?

Check out my pictures- I hate to sound like I am bragging, but I just want to prove that people DO get there- there are tons of success stories on here

Stick with it- it is SO worth it



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Don't give up! Take a minute to think about the reasons why you want to lose weight - write them down if it helps. Think about how good you felt when you lost weight the first time round, you want to feel like that again surely!

If it's the food side that's being difficult at the moment, try looking on here for recipes, or go on the SW website. If it's a lack of time issue that's tempting you to pack it all in (I've experienced this lots of times!) it's better to be more organised with what you're eating, making big batches of food and freezing into portions in advance for speedy meals.

It's certainly not easy, but as CP says it can be done, whatever the amount you want to lose. Look on the photo threads (my before and after is on there somewhere!) for some inspiration that will almost certainly give you that boost to keep going.

You will get there if you stick to it! :)


This is my year!
Awwwww, thank you all for such wonderful words :)

Cocktailprincess WOW! You've really inspired me

Chocaslim, I've planned for the next 2 days, sadly going out Saturday for my niece's 18th, not sure whether to fill up on free food and not eat or pack my own food. I will have one glass of wine :D

Sarahm85, Thank you, I've been looking here for more inspirations I really want to reach my target by December.

Ria2011, thanks I'm sure we can all support each other, the reason for joining Minimins was for advice and chatting with others in the same boat.


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Janeasetler I'm the same! Starter a 24 and now mainly 18 :0) dying to buy 14.... Even 16 :0) I've 3st 4 off but still about 4/5 to go... Seems so do far away
Hiya all,
Hows everyone doing so far- this week was my first weigh at home and lost 2ib.
Not too bad at least its two OFF andnot on .


This is my year!
Janeasetler I'm the same! Starter a 24 and now mainly 18 :0) dying to buy 14.... Even 16 :0) I've 3st 4 off but still about 4/5 to go... Seems so do far away
Wow you've done really well! I just sometimes don't believe I will ever get there.

Not sure if anyone has felt like that. You know, when everyone around you is doing well and your at the back of the long queue.
dont give up hun, think of the happiness you will feel when you see the pounds dropping off. you can acheive so much if you just stick with it, people on here are living proof it works. =] good luck hunni xxxx

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