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  1. hannahike

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    So.... im just finishing off my final year at university... 22 days to go! ekk.... and at the end of our deadlines.. our course throw us something called Picnic in the Park.... basically we spend the day in the park eatin and drinking to celebrate the end of our 3 years!

    Now.... should I enjoy the day and came off LT a week b4 in time for it or just stick it out and have my water and shakes for the day.

    I really dont wanna waste a week by coming off it but i really wanna enjoy my last day with everyone.

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  3. Pink starz

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    hey you can still have fun without eating, you should be proud of yourself for completeing uni, you dont have to stuff your face ar get smashed to realise you done well!!!! :) Remember why you are doing LT to get get back to healthy weight, and change eating habits.

    Dont waste all your hard work for 1 day you will regret it afterwards I promise, go and enjoy yourself but be in control of your diet and
    dont just eat because everyone else is. Be strong, be your own person and stick to LT you have come so far already 13LB is amazing just wait to see how much you will have lost in another 22days and ill bet you will not even think about coming off x x

    hope you dont think i ranting, i have came off for a special occasion and its so hard to get back on track dont waste it x
  4. hannahike

    hannahike Full Member

    Aww thanks hun.... i think you are very right!! I can still enjoy myself.. plus i know i wont make a fool of myself if im sober as well :p
  5. Pink starz

    Pink starz Sexy abs....sooon !

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    exactly, mind and take a camera though so you can catch everyone else a little too merry too that will keep you smiling x
  6. fattyfattybumbum

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    Look Hannah if worse comes to worse and you do want to eat, eat protein, sauages,chicken drumsticks,fish nuts meat of anykind, cream jelly anything like that will keep you in ketosis. Then, you won't have to miss the couple of days getting back into ketosis.Then again sometimes a pig out helps to prioritorize things good luck let us know how you get on!!!.Michellex
  7. fattothin

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    Stick with LT! X
  8. WeakWilled

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    hey pet, i reckon there will always be reasons to come off it for a day.....different occasions. the hard thing is to stay on it despite only starting on monday and im going for it guns blazing. nothing will stop me....I Hope...he he... best of luck neway and well done at finishing uni,i finished last year x
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