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Need2bslim Induction diary

Any feedback on my diary will be much appreciated as Im not sure what im doing yet -

B - Mattisons turkey rashers x 2 (grilled) 1.4g, 1 egg omlette 0.69g, 50g of mushrooms 1.6g /1 tbsp soy sauce 1g(fried in olive oil 0g)
L - Chicken 0g & 1 cup leafy green salad 1.3g & 6 cherry tomatoes 4.5g
S - 2 slices of gammon 1g & 100g Morrisons creamy coleslaw 4g (dont know if this is ok?)
D - Sirloin steak 0g, mushrooms 1.6g/soy sauce 1g, 1/2 cup savoy cabage 2g with 1 tsp garlic 0.5 and 30ml double cream 0.5g
S - 20 Green olives 4g & cold cuts of boilet brisket of beef 0g
* 2 cups of coffee with 2 spoonfulls of sweetness and light sweetner and a splash of skimmed milk 2g. Is this ok as I think my carbs are still within the 20g?

TOTAL CARBS - 27.09!!!
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B - 2 slice turkey rashers 1.4g, 1 egg omlette 0g, mushrooms 1.6g/soy sauce 1g fried in xv olive oil 0g
S - Beef brisket cuts 0g
L - 3 sliced gammon 1.5g and coleslaw 4g which i dont think i should have had.i added extra cheese to it also 2g
S - Green olives 4g
D - chicken 0g stirfry with various allowed vegies 3g, mock fried rice (made with cauliflower) 4g, 5 tbspns light soy sauce 5g
S - cheese cubes 1g and pickled onions 2g

* I had 2 cups of coffee with splash of skimmed milk 2g and sweetness and light sweetner


I could hardly sleep last night. You should have heard the weird noises coming from my stomach plus I felt constipated. i dont know if the mock rice wasnt agreeing with me or it was the 2 anadins i had due to a headache
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Oh and I took 2 Senokot tablets at night as well as I felt really bunged up. I think this will be ok as I dont think Im using all my carb allowance anyway
Yumm sounds nice - I think coleslaw is allowed if it keeps you within your allowance - although making your own with Mayo would be much better - I'm thinking of doing that but replacing the carrots with courgettes x


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Hi need2bslim- just found your diary. Good luck:)

Ref insides - suggest plenty of greens and water! Also atkins recommended pysillium husks to keep yourself regular. You can get in h&bs. They worked ok but also recommend you investigate mims (see sticky) - they work well too
Morning need2beslim... Try and check the carb value of the coleslaw... Menu looks good :)

Thank you all for your comments and advice. I will definately look into those things from H & B. I dont feel too bad today as iv been drinking more water and I done some excercise last night too. I think the coleslaw was quite bad and I will deffo be making my own from now on so I know whats going in it. Anyone got a nice coleslaw recipe?

B - 1 sausage 2.6G, 1 egg omlette and cheese fried 1g in xv olive oil
S - Green olives 2g
L - 2 slice gammon 1g and (naughty) coleslaw 4g, morrisons 100% beef 1/4 pounder 0g salad 1.3g, mayonaise 0g
D - chicken breast fried in xv 0g , 4 brssle sprouts 3g, 2 asparagus tips 0.5 and I mad a sauce of 25g philadelphia 1g, 1/4 cup sour cream 2.5g and garlic 0.5g
S - cheese 1g and pickles 2g, 1 pot of no added sugar jelly 0.4g (iv since heard that these are not as carb friendly as the packets you make up)

* I had my 2 coffees with Sweetness and light but i pout whipping cream 0.5g in instead of milk

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Yes i noticed when I went shopping that there was a difference between the jelly cubes having no added sugar (but carbs) and the sachets of jelly powder which were sugar free (no carbs) X

Day 4 and iv got a bit of a sweet tooth today. I wonder if its anything to do with me having that sf jelly. Do you think just because iv had some my body wants more?

B - 1 sausage 2.6g, cheese 1g omlette
L - 100% beefburger 0g with melted cheese 0.5g, 1 cup salad leafs 1.3g, 6 cheery tomato 4.5g and mayonaise 0g
S - Cup of Homemade cream of asparagus soup 3g
D - Grilled chicken breast 0g with salad leafs 1.3g, tomato 4.5g and mayonaise 0g then i had ns jelly and cream 4g (just a small amount of cream each time)
S - green olives 2 g, 1/2 tub of philidelphia 4g

* This is so far today as its only 8pm. I'll probably have some pickled onions 2g and cheese 1g later

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Yes definitely. If you keep having sugar free treats then you'll keep wanting them (i tested over the summer;) ) try to minimise!
Morning Need2beslim... Hope you have a good day :)
Thanks Alpaca. Quite a good day so far. Iv not made and Jelly so hopefully I wont be thinking about sugary stuff again in a couple of days. I also bought some Splenda and Ive had it in a lovely mug of coffee after my dinner there. Really enjoyed it. Iv been pouring 3oz of whipping cream into a jug so i know how much I can have in a day. Am I right in saying its 3 oz? Also last night after I done my diary I ate a sausage, oops although I think that was ok (2.6 carbs).
B - 2 turkey rashers 1.4g and cheese 0.5g omlette
L - I was on the road and wondering what to eat. I went into a supermarket and bought a pack of 4 slices of cooked roast beef 0g and a tup of soft cheese 8g!!!!!. I eat the who tub too, it was great!
S - 1 slice of gammon 0.5g, cup of asparagus soup 3g
D - grilled chicken breast 0g, salad, mayonaise 0g
S - 2 sausages 5.2g
S - chicken tikka plain (no idea how many carbs in this as it is breast with just spices etc on so Im saying zero) with salad 1.3g and sour cream 2.5g

TOTAL CARBS - 22.4g (this is a bit better than previous days)

I was really happy today as I bought those Ketostix and it went pink so I must be on the right track. Ive got PMT (positive mental attitude)
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Day 6 weigh in

Well I couldnt wait till Monday (today is Saturday). Iv lost 2lb so im happy with that. Im hoping to lose another 2lb come Monday. Ive been reassesing my diet and it looks like im eating too much cheese. Its meant to be 3 - 4 oz daily. This equates to half a rub of cream cheese and thick slicde of cheddar. Im gonna have the cheddar in my omlette at breakfast time as im really enjoying that at the moment and use the cream cheese in whatever recipes I try out. Today Im gonna try a couple of different recipes too.
Well done on the loss Needs2beslim... Good work! :)
B - cheese 0.5g omlette, 2 turkey rashers 0.7g
L - chicken 0g salad 1.3g, tomatoe 4g and mayonaise 0g
S - soft cheese 2g, 2 slice gammon 1g
D - mixed tandoori grill - chicken 0g, lamb 0g and donner 0g (apparently, correct me if im wrong), mayonaise 0g
S - 1/2 packet sf jelly 1g and whipped cream 1g

TOTAL CARBS - 11.5g Now Im getting somewhere

I made a low carb pancake using 1 egg, 1.5oz cream cheese, 1/2 tsp cinemon and 1 drop vanilla essence. The result was not good at all it was horrible, had to bin it.
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They sound lovely but I dont think im allowed almond meal on induction am I? Oh I meant ot ask, how do you add one of those ticker things? Iv set mine up on ticker factory but where do you paste it onto?
I know I think Iv kind of sickened myself of veg after eating tons of it the first 2 or 3 days. Iv had vitually no veg today at all. Im begining to worry about weigh in 2moro now.


B - egg 0g, 1/2 cup mushrooms 1g, 2 turkey rashers 0.7g (no cheese!)
L - 1 cooked chicken breast 0g, 50g cream cheese 4g
S - 1 cooked chicken breast 0g, 50g cream cheese 4g (coz I enjoyed it so much earlier!)
D - Left over lamb tikka 0g and donner meat0g from last night, 1/2 cup raw cabbage 2.5g , 1/4 of an onion 2g, mayonaise 0g
S - 1/2 a packet sf jelly 1g


If Iv not lost anything or put on the 2 lb I lost I'll need to fine tune what Im eating. Fingers crossed
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