Negative people get you down


Need help
Is it just me or are people negative with the diet.:confused: Some People are strange and dont like to see you lose weight. A few people at work were very quick to say i need to go on a diet and now i have lost weight are now saying "i dont think this diet is good for you as you have lost it so quick". And "dont lose to much weight as you will start to look ill" (i am still classed as over weight and i dont think i can start to look ill yet). You cant win and this is very depressing :( especially if you are having a bad day. Does anyone else come across people like this, please say yes.

Ignore, they are ignorant and don't know any better. We on the other hand do know better and are here to support you every step of the way.
There is a latin phrase that translates...

"Don't let the bastards grind you down..."

This is my point... Many people are too quick to judge... and too eager to be negative and put things down!! Just remember to stay focused and not allow these comments to get ontop of u!

So... here is my more constructive comments....

You're doing such a fab job... you made such an important decision by choosing to do this in the first place... you had the inner strength and determination to bring change about in your life in an area that you were not happy with.

I say to you... you should pity all those people out there who sit and judge and criticise... these are the people who watch their lives go by... moaning and complaining about everything... resentful and bitter... or dont understand... nor take time to understand things but remain ignorant to them!!



Thanks guys, at the end of the day we are trying to look better and doing something about our lives. :)
Well said!!! Nick you have done fantastically to be where you are today, your determination is mind blowing and you have achieved what you set out to do. that makes you a far better person than those who are quick to judge on something they have no understanding about.
i bet the people who have said this to you are 1) jealous of how great you are looking or 2) never battled with their weight in their life.
well sod them and continue on your successful path as you are and you will be the one smiling at the end of it.
I've found that the slimmer people in my office are really up for it and supportive and the larger people (who should be following my lead!!!) are negative about it - I reckon they're jealous!!!

A few people are freaking out now cause my wedding dress has arrived and they think I'll end being tooo small for it - I have even been to the dress shop yet!!!!!

Just ignore them all, you're doing this for you and as long as you're happy that's the main thing!!!

We're all happy for each other on here!!!

I think people who really care about you will never say anything negative, and they will be supoortive all the way through your journey,

but people who are jealous of you will say negative things and they will not like it when you change yourself to better,
So, in an way, this shows us who really like us and who really dont.

Thats what I think anyway, I have people like this around me too, but I try to stay focused, and all of us here did a fantastic job, otherwise we would not be here,

lets keep on supporting eachother, WE WILL SUCCEED.
Well i have been down the gym tonight and i feel great and even more focused. I can now run 30 minutes on the treadmill and still feel great when i get off. I could'nt do that when i was Fat. I am probadly fitter then those negative people anyway, maybe rather then critise they should go on the diet.
Thanks for your support everyone:)
Good for you, Nick!!!

There are always diet saboteurs around - it's just cos they don't understand the diet. Forgive them for they know not what they do lol!

You are rocking and rolling, fella - you know that. Who cares what anyone else thinks!
You will always come across negative people. Majority are jealous of your achievement and determination.

You are really doing well and are looking great;)

yes but i say i would rather look ill then be dead what do you think they soon shut up xx donna
I think when we change we force others to look at themselves...

And bigbluefurrymonster sums it up well in Latin:D

Love Mini xxx
I think it is more about ignorance than jealousy for most people. That isn't to say there are not jealous people about, we have all come across one or two of them :D

Frankly, if you didn't know anything about the VLCDs and somebody said there is this diet where you don't eat, but just have powdered food packs to keep you going, it would only be natural to be a little suspicious. It is of course only when you become more educated with the programme and what it does to your body that it really makes sense.

I find that some people respond to having it explained positively, others are so blinkered they of course don't. The main, no the only concern is how you feel.

Keep it going mate. The best way to demonstrate the worth of VLCD is to do it. Strangely, now I have lost 8 stone, I don't hear the "it can't be healthy" brigade anymore.
Thank goodness for Isobel and Brad :)

Yes you will receive negative comments from those with their own agendas but I too have found for the most part that the negative comments come from years of conditioning that you should lose 1 1/2-2lbs a week by eating healthy food and cutting back.

The VLCD goes against everything that we have been told about how to eat and lose weight in a healthy manner.

Going on a VLCD puts you in quite an exclusive club. Not many of the population know the details and science behind it and resort to their known cache of information about what is right and wrong.

So I think it is worthwhile to actually turn this on its head and remember that it isn't their fault that they think how they do and forgive them for it. Harbouring thoughts of 'they are jealous' or similar is a bit too negative an approach for my tastes but if it works for you then all well and good. :)