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I've got a job interview in a couple of hours and I'm starting to get really nervous.

My OH has just rung me to tell me that the headteacher has just rung his headteacher and that apparently there is only one other person and myself being interviewed, and that I look best on paper. Apparently my OH's head has said really good things about me and bigged me up (I've done lots of supply and voluntary work there) so surely I should be able to go in feeling less nervous...

Problem is that I have a big problem with confidence and 'selling myself' (I was even worse before I lost weight!) and have been told in interviews before that I have given great answers but not confident enough.

I have got some rescue remedy and think I am just going to have to overdose on that lol but if anyone has any more tips on how to stop panicking I would be really grateful.

(If I don't get this job I have another interview tomorrow where I have to teach a lesson as well!!)

Luv Kirsty xxx
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Breath!! :giggle: You need to go with the attitude that you are the best, (but not cocky!) especially if you arent confident but your answers are great. :) It sounds like people are really willing to help you so thats a good sign!!

I hope you get it :D Good luck and Relax!!!!!
As Shabba says, remember to breathe!

I find if you wear your "best" outfit, only put a little bit of make up on and go in there believing the job is yours!
If you believe that you can get it and will get it then it'll show!
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I know that I should be able to go in thinking I'm the best but the problem is I'm already :gen125: lol
I will try to remember your advice to just breathe when I get to the school gates and hopefully that will calm me down enough to go through the door :rolleyes:

I will report back this evening with how I've done, although I think the whole world will hear me if I get it lol
Completely agree with shabba!!

I could never do interview before and I got a job that ended up helping my confidence and to be honest the beat thing is

Be nice and friendly and polite
Pretend that you are confidnt and know you the best for the post
Always relate to your skills etc and abilities and previous experiences.... Even if u make them up!
Seem interested in the post an place of work... I always ask questions! In my line of work I work in childrens centres and always ask about areas of deprevation and training available and also about which hard to reach families are in the area I will be working.

An got to admit following those I have been accepted for 3 jobs and wellthe fourth I was too qualified for what I applied for so didn't get it they wanted me to apply to something else... But it's worked! Never had a failed interview yet :) apart from that 4th one whereby I was too qualified!!!

Good luck and I'm sure you will be fine :)
I just want to wish you well.

I have no great advice for you other than I always do well at what ever I am doing if I feel I am looking great. Wear an outfit you are very comfortable with but know you look good in.

Good Luck !!!
Well interview over, I just have to wait for the dreaded phone call now.

The headteacher was lovely, as were the other members of the interview panel. They tried to make me feel really comfortable even though they asked me a mountain of questions! lol I wore a smart pinafore dress that I know I look nice in and straightened my hair. I did remember to breathe and I was confident(ish) for the most part, although when they asked me about my strengths I faltered because I was expecting them to ask about my weaknesses from the wording at the start of the question lol. Then I could only give a couple of strengths.

Anyway, thank you all for the good luck messages and advice, I will let you know the result when I get the call :) xxx
I didn't get it :cry: Just trying to remain positive for tomorrow's interview now :( Apparently it was just my answer to one question that let me down so hopefully if I get asked it tomorrow, then I give a better answer lol
Aww hun, it's all good practise though and you'll knock 'em dead tomorrow, good luck (ohh, I live in Shrewsbury... just down the road) x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
whats meant to be will be :) You will get better and better, dont let it get you down though!! You will get the right job for you!!

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