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Nervous Jumpiness!!


Fighting Demons....
I have just had to have words with myself. I am getting really really fidgetty! I have my weigh in tonight and I am not looking forward to having to 'fess up to Friday's lapsidaisy!!
I feel like a child when you know you have to see the teacher after school!!
Someone smack some sense into me please!

B x
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SMACK!!! (Sorry did the hurt?)

You will be fine don't worry!!! Your LLC would have heard it all before and I bet you don't even put on weight. Don't panic, its part of your journey!


Guess who's back...?
Don't worry Beks - you'll be fine. My LLC had a real giggle with us (there were four of us that had lapsed, hehe) - it is a notoriously tough time apparently. Don't worry!! xx
Your llc's sound fab mines a lapse nazi lol
Glad your meeting went well Anna, you were in a fuss about nothing and you still lost so well done!

Yeah I agree BL my LLC is a bit of a nazi when it comes to lapses or missing meetings but I think that can be a good thing.


nearly there!! :)
hope u went ok hunni xxx


Fighting Demons....
Well, you will all be glad to know that my LLC was lovely and we concluded that I have learnt my lesson!
Anyway, biggest shock ever. I lost 5lb! I have no idea how!!

Was told not to assume that I can lapse again and still lose though. This means that I have lost a total of 60lb for my foundation period.

B x
60lbs? That's fantastic! Well done!


Fighting Demons....
Thank you!!

It'sa bit scary when you think of it in pounds as opposed to stones and pounds. Most amazingly I worked out I have lost over 20% of my body weight too!

B x
It's all so stupidly exciting isn't it lol.


Fighting Demons....
It's all so stupidly exciting isn't it lol.
I know! I get excited about the stupidest things. Like the fact I can now sit in my mums office chair. It was so narrow (or I was so wide) before that I had to squeeze into it and it dug into me. Now, I can't even feel the arms!!

So that inspired me to work out inch loss!! I have lost a grand total of 20 inches during foundation!! OMG!

Wonder where they went to?

B x
Ooo thats fantastic hun :) gives the rest of us hope lol xXx


Fighting Demons....
Thanks all! I am feeling the warm fuzzies!! In fact, I am even sitting here watching Nigella's Christmas Kitchen and I'm not even tempted to eat a thing, although I am now craving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!?!

One question? How the hell is Nigella not like 30 stone!?

B x
Hi Beki
Glad your weigh in went well hunni, well done on your 60lb loss thats fab;)

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