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Nervous, starting back at classes, after years!


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Hi all

Well today I am feeling a bit nervous, I used to do SW about 5-6 years ago, I lost a bit of weight, but not much, but that was me not the diet! I know it works when you stick to it:cool:

I lost about 3 stone doing calorie counting and exercise a couple of years ago, and achieved that through hanging around this forum and being extremely motivated. Since then I have become ill and was diagnosed last week with Fibromyalgia. The weight I lost has also almost all crept back on me:rolleyes:

I have tried many times over the last 6 months or so , to get back into the right head space to restart the calorie counting, but I just cannot do it, I have come to the conclusion, that what I need is some support and I need to answer to someone, sounds bizarre I know but I am used to my excuses now. I need to be in a slightly competitive situation, to boost my motivation, sounds bad I know, but I will work darn hard to not be the one that never loses weight at class;)

So tonight I am nervousley going along to a SW class, on my own:eek: I am really scared, but I know its the only way, I have lost an awful lot of self confidence over the past 6 months, so it really is a big deal for me. I need to shift the weight to help me build on that confidence, with having this Fibro, I already feel pretty useless and the weight i s just making me feel so much worse about myself:cry:

Anyway, I just wanted to share, my anticipation with you, not sure how much exactly I have put on, will soon find out tonight though.

Thanks for reading x
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Hello Wish, welcome back to SW. Good luck!


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Well done for the bravery it took to come back and will take to get on those scales and face your fears. Once that moment is over with, it is all onwards and upwards from there.

Welcome back and good luck for your journey xxxxxx
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hey hunny, good for you, your confidence is growing already just by making the choice to go back. dont feel scared i go by myself every week and, im sure you will meet some lovely people there. good luck just remeber the people there are all exactly the same as you xx

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome back! Let us know how you get on at class xxx


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Welcome back to SW and good luck with your first class and WI. We are here to support you :)

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome back!

Once you get over that initial step through the door feeling, it will seem like you have never left. The nice thing is that now there are changes to the plan that suit family life better.

Good luck!



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Hi there, I posted exactly the same as you a few weeks ago, I was soooo nervous going on my own...but its one of the best things I have ever done, you will be fine everyone is sooo friendly and nobody judges you. good luck for tonight x


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Welcome back and good luck!

Don't worry about going on your own,I did and do, every single week! You will be absolutely fine!
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Hi Wish, I joined SW on my own too and was nervous at first. It was fine though, people were very friendly. Good luck with your weight loss. SW is brilliant!


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Good luck and dont forget any problems then you can get helpful advise on here.
i am also re-joining tonight too.

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