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Net Carbs

hi stephen
there are so many versions of atkins going around it gets confusing !!! lol
i saw the bit about subtracting carbs away, i did hear that in the uk we dont subtract anything on packaged items away...but....we do need to subtract it on fresh fruit and veg as this is the same where ever you are in the world
i have the 1972 and the 2002 edition of atkins and i am comparing the differences at the mo, i never bought the new one as i heard the shakes and bars etc could bring you out of ketosis and start cravings or even stall your weight loss.....but seeing as you seem to be losing weight so well on this new program i am going to buy the book now and have a look at it to compare it to the others :)
thanks stephen, you have saved me alot of hard work trawling thorugh all the books :), can i ask...have you been using the atkins shakes and bars while doing this....also are you only allowed a certain amount of meat at each meal...as it states i.e. 8oz steak ?


Loves this site!
I go with the rule that carbs are carbs and DO NOT take off the fibre. If it says 6carbs then 6 carbs it is. Thats how it is for me and ive lost over a stone now


Mines a V&T Please
bar yes we get the low carb one from

Avidlite low carb snacks

meat wise 170g of protien it says in the book but if you work to this rule thats alot of meat in a portion of chicken breast you might get 25g/100g of chicken
:confused: It is really confusing.
I have 'New Atkins New you' which seems for the US market and says to deduct.
But I also have The all new Atkins Advantage which says on p. 15 that 'European countries and Australia don't consider fiber a carbohydrate', so it is listed separately and not included in the carb listing, so not to deduct.
I'm playing it safe, so I'm not gonna deduct (starting induction tomorrow!)


Mines a V&T Please
To calculate a food's net carb value, all you have to do is look at the information on the back of the packet. Find the total carbohydrate content and then subtract the amount of fibre.
For example, four spears of asparagus have 2.5g of total carbohydrates and 1g of fibre. That works out as 1.5g of net carbs.
To help you, we give the net carb values for all the foods in weekly meal plans overleaf. Alternatively, you can buy the Dr Atkins New Carbohydrate Counter book, which contains many net carb value

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Mines a V&T Please
the New Atkins New You book published in 2010 when was the other book published.Its best to see what works for you i am loosing well taking the fibre off.But dont forget the gym work!


Mines a V&T Please
The atkins advantage was published in 07/08 the New Atkins must work different to that method and has been changed for the european market.
All EU products already have the fibre subtracted.


Mines a V&T Please
found a old thread where you used a carb counter for leek this site takes the fibre off very confusing , the main UK atkins site quote net carbs.


Mines a V&T Please
the "Net Carb" Stephens method(not atkins) works well for me LOL may consider writing a book LOL with a spell check though
Fresh is the same in this country Stephen, the fibre is already removed in the carb content.

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