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Never again!

Yuck had a smoked kipper with scrambled eggs and feel so sick :sick0019: I'm doing a fish week but had decided yesterday would only do fish for lunch and dinner so i dont know what possessed me to get a kipper for breakfast. Had one before and didnt like it so i dont know what miracle i thought would have made me like it. I think I need to go and find something to settle my quesy tummy mayb an activia!
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Ha ha ha bless you! I have to reaaaaaaally fancy a kipper to eat one! SO i think i have maybe one a year - and certainly not for breakfast!

Hope you start to feel better soon! x


Just doing it this time
my hubby LOVES kippers and scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes - has it every sunday - must admit though I don't like them AT ALL ...............

I love tinned SILD though - on toast - mashed - free - tasty & a good breakfast. NO BONES either.
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I really like tinned mackeral but a bit bored with it so that why i wanted to try a kipper again. I think lunch will be very light, an activia and fruit will do with a cup of tea. Its day 2 of my fishy week and the kipper might just ruin the rest of the week and plus on top of that i been a bit naughty and weighed myself and it showing that im + 2 1/2! x
ive never tried it and was tempted when i went shopping the other week think you have just changed my mind lol
I brought mines from waitrose. I was thinking of getting two but they assistant at the counter said they would only last 1 or 2 days in the fridge and i didnt fancy to consecutive days with kippers so thank god i only brought the 1!
Yuck I agree with you. I hate them.
My mum told me I used to eat them when I was younger but I am convinced that she must have force fed me them!
lol i think that sounds great, I may have a look in my freezer for some kipper now :)
Not sure about kippers but smoked salmon and scrambled egg is nice, and surprisingly filling. Not quite as strong smelling as kipper :) I really wasn't sure about it but was nicely surprised when I tried it :)

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