Never again...


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Am I having a 3 week break between aerobics sessions...because as today showed, I lose fitness really quickly!

For one reason or another I've not been able to attend my usual class (slept right through one week, no money the other and last week the class was ruddy full!). I trot off today and find that after 15 mins I'm ready to collapse again.

Prior to the wee break I had been able to do the whole class at medium intensity and yeah, feel hot/tired, but able to finish the class without collapsing.

So no more breaks! Although the instructor is off till first week in february so I need to find me a new class whilst on my uni break or take up swimming again in the mean time.

Is it common to lose fitness so ruddy quickly?!..well, I don't know if you could call it fitness - tolerance to exercise perhaps? Haha.
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I've always heard "use it or lose it" with regards to fitness. I think if you can't get to fitness classes or are a bit down on the funds front, it's better to even go walking or something free than to just not do anything, that would help keep your levels up a bit. If I miss a day, I try to make up for it!


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A total three week break would mean a loss of some fitness, not all of it, especially with regards to cardio...weight training I am not so sure, think the break might be longer...

That is the key though, daily exercise...portion control...behaviour modification...these are the three things that keep us fit and healthy and at goal weight...