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NEVER thought THIS would happen!!! ROTLMAO

When I work the 1pm to 9pm shift, the train schedule is such that if I miss the first one, there is a 20 minute gap before the next one. So, as part of a game and a challenge, I run as much of the ¾ of a mile that I can, in heels. I am forever amazed I can run any of it, at all, lol, and when I catch the early train, I feel like Rocky on top of the stairs!! LOL

Anyway – last night I was hoofin’ it, and all of a sudden I had a sinking feeling. Literally.

As I crossed the road, I felt something most surprising. My panty hose were falling down, and had literally dropped below my hips!!! LOL Now, in order to make the train, I couldn’t stop running. And I could not very well raise my skirt and hoike them up, so I had to reach down my waistband, while running, and pull them up!! :rotflmao:

But – that is something I never ever imagined was even remotely possible!! Considering the contortionist attempts I used to have to make to even get the bloody things on – and then once on were tight as sausage casings – it just never occurred to me that tights could get too big!!!

So, it was a very silly moment, full of public embarrassment! Me – fag in mouth, huge handbag on one arm, the other arm down my skirt, running like a loon!! :D Truly, a sight to behold! :giggle:

Good thing its my last night at work in Brighton today!! LOL

And just wanted to share, that even the unimaginable become a reality after LL! J
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LOL that must be a wonderful feeling!!! :D
oh, i would love to have seen you - i bet you made someone's day!
daisy x
Nice one, lovely feeling losing your tights,and being that slim with skinny hips be careful could be your knickers next :)

oops, sorry,

Wish I could run in high heels, I'd probably break my neck, but can now manage to run in flat shoes without gasping.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
oops, sorry,

Wish I could run in high heels, I'd probably break my neck, but can now manage to run in flat shoes without gasping.

Don;t be....thats already happened!! In the beginning, I refused to buy any new knickers...my OH couldn;t understand why - I said it was a fun process to see how far I could go till they fell off on their own. Then one day trotting up the stairs....whoooosh! :D New knickers were then acquired! :D

And you'll be running in heels before you know it! :)
Weather forecast is for a nice weekend, so I hope you've bought new shorts since last year ............

So how many dress sizes is it until the knickers actually slipped off - ? - I bet you had a vpl the other way :) instead of a tight line a wrinkly one - lovely

don't think I'll ever master running in heels, not only due to my sense of balance but I believe I live in the pot hole capital of the world we recently got a humungous grant from the EEC for the roads, but the pavements are not far behind.

I do enjoy running up to the paper shop or even running to the car park at work without gasping or suffering. Envious of running in heels though. Not worns heels for years, will have to get back into it now and practice walking like Mrs. Beckham before I run


Silver Member
Oh BL :8855:

And Pantyhose? Pantyhose? Have we not taught you anything about the English language my dear?:p (You know i'm joking right?)

You had better stick your pantyhose in the trunk and mosey on down to M&S for some of their tights!!!!:D

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