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Never tried a diet like this before...

Hello there,

So I'm new. But already found this forum so helpful to read other peoples stories - so thank you.

I've tried lots of things before to lose weight - daily gym (sometimes twice daily), Xenical, healthier eating.... modest levels of success with all but never enough to make it feel worth it.

I've been self employed the last few years and time is not on my side. A friend mentioned Lighter Life to me and showed me pictures of her Aunty who'd tried it a year apart. She'd like halfed in size... so I thought why not....

After reading lots of things i actually settled on Exante rather than LL...I just liked the idea of not taking in too many artificial ingredients.

Today was my first day.

I'm on the 'total' solution so have had 3 shakes today in lieu of real food. I've also given up soft drinks which were a big factor in my downfall I think. It's been a big test of my stamina to work today and function with zero caffeine, but so far so good.

I do feel tired, but it's been a long day.
I do feel a bit hungry - but it's manageable.

I've ordered some of the Exante bars in case the continual feeling a bit hungry carries on, but hoping it will get easier.

I've been drinking lots of water - around 4 litres today. Is that too much?

I'm not really sure what to set myself as a manageable goal for my first few weeks on the plan?

I'm planning to stick to Total for 3 weeks, then do regular (but low fat) food for week 4. Is this sensible?

Sorry this is all a bit of a ramble, mostly just wanted to say hi.

Be great to hear some of your success stories on Exante?

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On A Mission!
Hi there Steve! You will do fantastically well on Exante. The first few days will be difficult, but your willpower is on a high so you should get through it. I felt the worst on the 2nd day, some people feel it on the 5th day, but you need to expect to feel rubbish at some point this week and understand that its absolutely normal. If you get very hungry have another pack, its still only going to be 800 cals for the day and better that than cave in. Also, as a guy, I think you shoud actually be on 4 packs a day anyway. After you get past the first week you will be amazed at how well you feel on it.

When you go back to eating more 'normal' food i strongly suggest you steer clear of the carbs, so avoid bread potatoes pasta rice and anything sugary, The exante will get you into ketosis, which will really help to stop the hunger pangs and the cravings, and keeping off the carbs will help you to continue with the ketosis after you start eating normal food again.

Im sure you will be thrilled with the results, so i wish you every bit of luck with it!

4 litres of water a day is really good, just dont try and drink too much in a short space of time, make sure you spread it out over the course of the day.
Thanks Lynn.

You may well be right about the 4 packs a day - will re-read some of the info in the morning.

Have ordered the bulk pack of the raison bars so will add one of those in a day perhaps permanently if it is meant to be 4 packs.

Looking at your progress you've done amazingly well - was this on Exante too?

I am definitely motivated, although my wife did send me to Morrisons earlier which was a challenge - all that food cooking smell in there almost tempted me. Will power doing well, if nothing else to prove my wife wrong who tings this wont work ;)



On A Mission!
Have ordered the bulk pack of the raison bars so will add one of those in a day perhaps permanently if it is meant to be 4 packs.

Looking at your progress you've done amazingly well - was this on Exante too?

You will love those toffee and raisin bars, they are delicious!

I didnt lose my weight on Exante, I did it by low carbing. However, I was really interested in trying it out to give my weight loss a boost, so i did it for a week and lost 6lbs. This was after I had lost a considerable amount of weight anyway. I now have one a day most days as i actually love the shakes and bars, its like having a treat, and i stick to low carb food for my other meals. I have lost almost 5 and half stone in 5 months.

Exante will give you an excellent kick start to your diet, and if you can keep going on it you will see the weight fly off. If you find you cant do it 100% after a while then try having 1 or 2 a day, as its really filling and will really help you keep to your diet.

If you look on the main menu of the forum and scroll down a bit you will see a section dedicted to Exante. They will all give you a great welcome if you post there and will be on hand to give you any advice you need.

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