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New 2 all this....

Hi every1, i started the Atkins yesterday....so far so good i think!
Can i just check that what i had yesterday is ok and im starting it all right :)

Breckfast-2 slices of ham (all i had in fridge till i could get supermarket).

Dinner- Chicken (off hot counter) with mayo wrapped in lettuce.
Pork puff scratchings.

Tea- Chicken Kebab with lettuce, mayo and red cabbage(i read this was ok 2 have???)

Pudding- Sugar free jelly with double cream.

I also drank 1 1/2 leters of water.

So thats what i had all day!! is this ok??:confused:

Also you count carbs on EVERYTHING you put in your mouth yeah? if something had 0carbs you can have as much as you want....until ur in ketosis which you wont be 2 hungry then no?

Thanks Very much in advance 4 helping me!!:D :D :D
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Hi princess and welcome (its funny as Im a princess too :princess: :))
As long as you are counting carbs everything should be ok!

MORE WATER though ;)


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Awww. at least 2 litres. I love it now - never used to. have you tried fizzy water instead?
MMMmmmm well i dont really like that either hehe, i drinking fizzy lemonade aswel which is diet, thats ok isn't it? but i am tryin my best with the water hopefully now the weather is getting better i will enjoy it more, cold weather cold water doesnt really go does it haha.
Hi princess and welcome to the board and atkins love


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You can have soya milk it has less carbs, strictly speaking no milk - but i do - i just count the carb content into my days food :D


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Hi Princess

I dont drink any hot drinks myself and have had to wean myself off the diet pepsi/coke. Can feel where you are coming from as I have never drunk so much water before. I do like it though would just like a change.
Hi every1 and thanks 4 your support!! im gonna be one of those people that blag you all along the way haha....i really wanna stick 2 this diet as i can see from everyone else's weight loss its fantastic!! im one of these people who start a diet and give up on a weekend:cry: when i go out drinking or the words TAKEAWAY spring 2 mind!! haha.

I will try the soya milk as i do love a cupa in the morning as long as i have 1 i will be ok and i only have a drop of milk anyway hehe.



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Hey you can still have takeaway :) kebab and salad? mixed kebab from indian???? this diet is great!


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I love kebab too. Its like being naughty..but not!
I have a kebab most Friday nights, but I get it with salad in a box, rather than on a pitta.


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I dont even want the pitta now. I have garlic sauce too - its essential

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