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New.....Again!! Hey Everyone!

Starting Atkin on MONDAY! and looking forward to it! I have been reading some of your posts for inspiration and its all looking good! A big well done to all the people on this forum that are doing great!! WOOP!

Bit about me!

I have done atkins before a few times..
once after uni when i had piled on a million stones.. i managed to lose 3 stone back in 2002.

Then after i had my lil baby boy in 2008 but only managed to lose 1 stone then it just stuck.. after that i moved to Weight watchers.... which didnt work at first but then i did lose some VERY SLOWLY...

then Doc put me on xenical tablets.. and although i didnt suffer many side effects.. they didnt seem to work for me weather i did them alongside WW or not.

SO im back to atkins... full circle! I hope to shift 2.5 stone to take me to around the 10 stone mark. This is still too much for my height but i will be happy with that weight and size 12 clothes! I preffer curves to being skinny!

So please wish me luck and i will start my diary and posting propperly on monday!

I hope you can help me out as i dont think i did atkins propperly in 2008 and need some help with carb counting!

hope to catch up with you soon

s xx

ps. WI this morning was 12.9

Althought i have been 12.6 for a while.. i was at a wedding last week which was a 4 day affair and had ALOT of indian food!
Im over that now.. not gona mope just gona make some changes and get on with it!!
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Thanks guys!!
wow what a warm welcome!

welll i look forward to providing you with GOOD updates! and i guess some bad ones awell!! decided to discuss my lows as well as my highs!! keeping it real!!

Ive been digging for a few days now and have copy and pasted a whole load of info and recipies and meal idea's ready to create my own lil folder also jotted down the main food list to keep with me at all times! I usually keep a food diary so will keep writing in that!

Have a few questions for the atkins guru's! please excuse my ignorance!

Meat, fish, chicken, eggs - do u not count anything for these?
Which veg is acceptable in strir fry? ( i love the tesco packs!)
What do you class as leafy veg? im not that clever with veg n salad!! A salad to me is a mix of lettuce, tomato and cucumber!! Sad i know!
I dont usally use oil or vinigar dressings but i like ceaser sauce.. is that allowed with salad?
There is a huge list of the veggies in the stickies at the top Sona, that should help.

I'm not so sure about the stir fries though.

There is a low carb ceaser dressing out there, but I usually just make my own love.
thanks guys!

more questions!

Alot of the recipes that ive found on here and on Atkins website have enough ingredients for 2-3 servings. Is it alright to eat the same lunch / dinner 2 or three days in a row? As im the only on low carbing and its difficult to make things in smaller portions... I dont want to waste food and money making the 3 servings and only eating one!

So if i made sheapheard pie with cauli mash can i eat that for three days if it has three servings? (obviously keeping in the fridge) or feezing for another day? i know i ask stupid questions!
Can someone tell me how many arbs there are in the menu below?

B- 2 egg omellette with mushrooms and hand full of grated cheese.

L- chicken tikka (1 medium breast roasted), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a tsp of ceacer sauce.

D- 1 service of sheapherds pie made with lean lamb mince, onion, garlic, tin tomatos, mushrooms, pepper, chicken stock and some olive oil. (will serve about 3 all together)
hi sona and welcome. I think posting your menus is an awesome idea. It definitely helps and to keep a track of what you ahve been eating and also if a stall was to happen you cna have a look back at your menus and see what could of been the guilty party..

Breakfast: Im not too sure how to calculate an omelet but 1 large scramble eggs has about 1.4 carbs, so if you used 2 eggs then about 3 carbs and it depends on the cheese that you used but I would say if you used a handful i would count it has 2 carbs, then again depening on the cheese that you used.. so for breakfast that's about 5/6 carbs. Mushrooms has no carbs in then but read the packaging to make sure nothing else was added.. I suggest you look at calorie count or dailypalte and they usually have a list of the calories and carb content of foods.. but your menu looks good. I'm not sure about the salad dressing as I would always use 100% virgin olive oil which has no carbs in them.. Also be careful with the tomatoes they are higher in carbs...

good luck but everything looks in order..
Going shopping on sunday for the big start! lolz im soo sad!

Ok these are the foods i plan to make in bulk and freeze: (with all acceptable or low carb ingredients.. i will work out the carb content and divide)

- Kebabs
- Seek kebabs
- Chicken Tikka
- Lamb Chops
- Cooked mince (indian style)

In addition to this i plan to buy:
- Eggs
-Cheddar cheese
-Lettuce leaves (mix bag for colour!)
-Cherry tomatoes
-Tin Tomatoes (for cooking)
- Stir fry (bean sprouts, cabbage, broccli cauliflower)
- Broccli and cauliflower (frozen pack for making soup)
- soya sauce (i think a tiny sprinkle is ok!)
- Butter
-Olive Oil
- Tuna
- Mayo
- chicken sausages
- Salami (need to know where we stand on processed meat? mine will also be halaal so not traditional stuff from local super market)
- Fetta cheese.

Ok i cant think or anymore.. and i will probs buy only some stuff this week and some another! thankfully these things can be used over a few days so its not gona break the bank!

(if u havent already guessed im on a budget! eekk)

please check and advise!!

thanks peeps!!

s xx
well i got through my shopping list and made the kebabs and chicken!

jim ill post u some food! lolz
Indian food.... mmmm!

As someone said earlier, the Atkins books are wonderful and no low-carber should be without them.

I also have the well-known 'Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet' but frankly it is a bit patronising and whilst amusing in its way it is not a patch on Atkins literature, proper!
i dont use any cook books! i just chuck in all the seasoning and hope for the best! lolz
I don't use them either Sona, mostly recipes from my mum and just stuff I've tried as I go along.
i am already with food focus and my fitness pal! lolz i use them to work out some foods but its just soo time consuming!

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