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new and doing badly....

hi all, :wave_cry: this is my first post on here, i need help!

i was on the cambridge diet and doing really well (i lost 2st 9 in 6 weeks) but due to trying to move house i had to stop it because of the cost.

i decided to join slimming world so that i could carry on, albeit a little slower. i still have about 7 stone to lose.

but, i joined last monday and just haven't stuck to it. i don't want to be fat forever, i know that i'm only cheating myself, but i just can't control it. i don't know what to do.... :cry:

why am i sabotaging myself? i'm miserable
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Sorry you're finding it hard to stick with. Unfortunately only you can figure out the reasons but we're here to listen.:) Write down all your thoughts about losing weight, is there something holding you back? However silly these niggling thoughts can seem they can really stop us doing what we want. If there are things then try and sort through them. If you really want it there shouldn't be anything big enough to stand completely in your way. I know that sounds annoyingly silly but sometimes the answers are simple. It's taken me years to get to the place I need to be to lose weight, if I'd started it earlier it would be easier now but I was holding myself back for a lot of stupid reasons without thinking it through properly.

Try and work out what it is you really want and then figure ways around the things that seem too difficult. You can definitely do it, think of where you want to be in the future, how you want to feel and keep those thoughts in your mind. Even if it takes a little while for it to 'click' it eventually will.:)

Good luck.


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Hi fatmum (feel horrible typing that)

Is there a particular time or food that makes you cheat/come off the plan? You say you've just moved house are you stressed and juggling too much?

I had a baby last August and unfortunately I gain weight after the birth not during the pregnancy, I have ballooned and to be honest I find it difficult, so many people relying on me and demanding my attention.

The support in this group is fantastic - how about starting a diet diary - there is a sub forum for them, I find this really keeps me motivated

Try and turn your negative thoughts around, draw a line under the last couple of days and start afresh in the morning, I find a cup of hot water and lemon juice gets me going - I avoid tea/coffee until later in the day

Don't miss breakfast otherwise you'll be dipping into the biscuit tin mid morning

Looking forward to hearing more about you, donna x
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Awww you poor thing - you sound really upset. You should take a look at some of the gorgeous recipes on here and make a few. Think about what you are craving and let us know and maybe we can come up with some good substitutes for you. It takes time to get into something new so don't beat yourself up. We have all been there and back again. xx


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Didn't want to read and run, oh how i feel for you! Best advice i can offer is to plan your day, do this a day at a time. You may see from my profile i have alot to loose, if i look at the big picture i'm not sure how i would do it. I'm taking everyday as it comes.

All the best


Mrs V

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One thing to also take in to consideration is that now that you have come off a VLCD you are going to want to eat again.
Try keeping a diary on here so that we can have a look at it for you and also have a look at the food diaries on here for some inspiration.
You can do it Hun...we can give you all the encouragement you need, but only you can make the difference.

Ive had my head in the shed this week too so I know how you feel!Before you can do it you have to get your brain in gear. You have to really want it first not just think it would be nice.Once you do that any eating plan thats healthy will work for you. Good luck x


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I've not been doing this long really, and I've found these forums a great source of inspiration, and definitely a huge help. Keep on visiting and I guarantee you';; get on the right track! xxxxx
Fatmum, I feel like I could have wrote that post myself, Im new too, and alhtough I joined here Ive been too ashamed to come back on because Im failing miserably...I didnt even go to class this week, everyday starts with good intentions then I go and ruin it.
I really wonder will I ever be slim?
Its so upsetting and frustrating :(


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Hi Littlebird, don't be ashamed, we are all friends here, nobody judges anyone, we are all in the same boat, trying to find our inner thin person. What are your triggers? post how you are feeling and where you are struggling and you will be amazed at how much help and friendship you receive, come on give us all a chance to help, donna x
Awww hope you find the support encouraging & that you have had a better day.

Trust me though - we all have days/times where we fall off the wagon & now you are eating again after CD, you will be craving loads of things.

Keep at it though, it will work x

I'm new too. I started tonight! But I have been in your shoes SO many times! & I share those feelings, the desperation to lose weight, but not being able to stick to anything, even for a day!!
Then you feel angry at yourself for being stupid & a failure! Oh I share that!

I read thru my book today, trying to fathom how to follow the plan (it is quite complicated! (initial thoughts)) and i really feel that the only way u can make this plan work is to PLAN every day. I know from experience that im going to have to eat ONLY free foods & save, healthy extras & syns for when I know im going to cheat!!
I know this isnt ideal & isnt following the plan.... but its the only way its going to work until, whatever it takes to make the vital brain connections ...connect!

Since, we are of similar minds.... wanna chat on MSN? Maybe we can support each other!
ur a fatmum.... im a fatfostermum! practically twins! lol

Let me know!
Carol x


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S: 19st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 3st0lb(15.22%)
Littlebird - start a diet diary and we can all chip in and help x

Seagray - I started SW almost 4 weeks ago and I couldn't get my head around all the free food and find time to eat the HEA/HEB and syns! Once you've done it for a couple of days and then start trying out different meal ideas (these boards are full of inspirational members and their tasty recipes and tips) the penny will drop! Good luck donna x

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