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New and packed on so much weight

Hello everyone,

Its been years since I have been on CD, I went from 18 stone to 12 stone and then maintained for over five years until... shortly after my wedding this past September I found out that I was hypothyroid and my whole world went upside down. Not only the medical side effects of balancing my hormones but also put on 4 stone in 4 months.

I really do not recognize myself any more and told myself when my hypo was sorted I would look back into Cambridge for help. I am far from my all time highest weight but you have no idea how displaced I feel.

Closets full of clothing I can't wear, I am completely lost socially not wanting to go out and be around others and... I feel sorry for myself and spoil my diet with treats and binges.

I am hoping to take in so much this Friday when I go to meet my CDC and talk to them about starting Cambridge. Its been lovely finding this forum its such a wealth of information and experiences.

Look forward to seeing you about the boards.
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Hiya, Welome back to CD!
well done for coming back, keep ur chin up, this weight will soon shift and your confidence will grow and you'l be out socialising and being your old self sooner than you think!

This forum is great for support and Im sure you'l find it usefull throughout ur CD journey!

keep us updated to how ur getting on x


Perseverance is key
Best of luck hun xx


is starting to disappear!
Best of luck - we're all in the same boat of using CD to slim down and the support on here is amazing! xxx


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Hunni

Welcome to the forum and welcome back to CD

You know what you need to do - but you seem determined enough to get on and do it - and we will be here to support you wherever we can !

Have a great day

Now is a great time to start as spring is here(although not officially) and it lifts our moods and enables us to go and enjoy being in the outdoors.
Also by the time summer is here you'll be able to fit back into loads of your favourite summer clothes.
You have lost weight before so you know you can do it again,especially with the support on this friendly forum.
Good luck x


please try again
good luck hun, you'll be fine
Thanks so much for the encouragement everyone. I imagine I have to get a dr note (is that right) and I meet with my CDC tomorrow so I imagine I won't be allowed to get packs til I see my dr next week. Thanks again!!!


Mad as a Hatter
Thanks so much for the encouragement everyone. I imagine I have to get a dr note (is that right) and I meet with my CDC tomorrow so I imagine I won't be allowed to get packs til I see my dr next week. Thanks again!!!
i think this depends on your BMI - the first time I did CD, my BMI was over 30 and all my CDC did was send a letter to my dr advising them that I was doing a VLCD... this time I have switched CDCs and she didn't have to do anyting.. but then again my BMI is under 30 this time

Check the sticky on the main forum ...
Wasn't 100% sure. Read something about everyone needs approval and then my CDC said about me getting packs the first night... So we will see tonight :)


hoping for a good loss
All the best chick. You have done it before so you know you can do it again.

Is a pain when our health causes weight gain. Well done for maintaining for so long before you health took over
I think getting some of this weight off will help me get back in the mindset, too long I was feeling low while sorting out the thyroid side of things. This time I hope to take it one step futher and actually hit my goal weight. Wish me luck on the scales tonight!!
how did you find the maintenace bit? would love to hear more on this issue!
Wow 15 st 11.....I was 12 at my wedding back in September ... How depressing. Well I have my packs and ready to go for Monday.

I was almost in shock when she read the numbers out. I really hope I just drive in again with Cambridge.


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya Hunni

Sorry I wasn't around over the weekend - well that is the last time that you will see those numbers on the scales anyway !!

How is your day 1 going ? I have had a weekend off and I must admit I am so pleased to be back, I feel like I have eaten and drunk my own weight this weekend - it will be nice to feel empty for a while !

Hope you are having a good one

Day one went well, lots of tummy grumbles but all and all a success. Hoping to keep it up even with such a hectic work schedule.

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