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  1. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Hello there, im Emma and im ready to lose weight(finally)
    A bit of history, brief in case anyone is reading this....
    so ive been steadily gaining weight for the last 6yrs, tried losing it on ww and cd several times, managed a long stint on cd but very unhappily.. have since regained the lost weight..
    was in a very controlled unhappy relationship for 6 yrs, he left in 2008 since then ive battled with depression and my confidence was shot to pieces..
    in the last year however iv found a full time job, started sorting out my debts, come off my meds, started building up my confidence and the final piece is.....weight loss
    im really excited to hv found this way of eating, im hoping its the way forward for me as i need a practical long term solution..
    i have a lot of weight to lose my first goal being 3 stone, hopefully by May, im planning to do 4-3, dd mon wed fri using shakes for now..
    im just at the end of my first dd, ive suffered with a headache despiite pills and fluids, but very proud that ive done it.
    im off to bed as feeling a bit rubbish...
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  3. Willeatanything

    Willeatanything Full Member

    Hi Emma :wavey

    I've previously done CD and have maintained my weight using 5:2 on and off ( mainly off) for about 10 months. Just recently have gained just over a stone so have now started on 4:3 Mon, wed and Fri as DDs. I'm on a down day today and have such a bad head too. I'm currently on day 4 so still early days but results so far so good. Can't wait for my official weigh day on Sunday. Good luck on ur juddd journey!!! X

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  4. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Hi Emma,
    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm only on week one myself, started Saturday.
    You sound determined to lose weight, that's half the battle.

    Best of luck.
  5. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Thanks you two.. Almost completed my first 36hr fast..woken up a bit headachey and with a rumbley tum .
    can't quite believe I'm allowed to eat today. the trauma of cd remains lol.
    only aim is to eat sensibly today!!
  6. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    You're off to a great start.
  7. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Thanks karma

    Im now on an up day which feels a bit weird, have to keep reminding myself im still on track..
    ive had banana and weetabix a rice cake and now lunch is soup with some bread, im keeping today quite low as im
    out tonight with my girls and mum, I dont intend on counting cals on my up days as im hoping i can be sensible enough
    time will tell, feeling very headachey still just about to pop pills..
    work hasnt been to bad, i work in a nursery and hv a really supportive room leader, she is also trying to diet but by calorie counting.
    hope everyone is being strong, im just impatient for my first weigh
  8. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Enjoy your meal out, it's an UD after all. I was going to count calories on up days but could not be bothered.
    Counting points used to drive me and anyone around me nuts previously.

    At least you have support in work. Stick with it.
  9. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Thanks karma
    im not counting on up days, this needs to be as easy as poss, as im in this for the long term..
    So today was a mixed bag, i struggled a bit with my head...i kept thinking i was cheating each
    time i ate.. so i ended up with a huge headache which i had all day, until i had dinner really..
    im feeling better now tho just slightly worried about dd tomorrow..
    it gets easier right??

  10. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Well I haven't done that many down days yet, but from what I've heard it does get easier, and once you see the weight loss each week that will spur you on. I haven't had headaches though. It's great to know that you can eat basically what you want, sizeable portions, plenty of treats every second day.
  11. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    So 2nd dd almost done, I've found this one a bit easier although I am hungry right now..
    Ive had to remind myself a few times why im doing this, i also keep forgetting that im fasting..
    i think i need to sort myself out a list of goals and things i want to acheive to help me focus on these dd..
    Im off to read how everyones getting on as i need some inspiration..
  12. Willeatanything

    Willeatanything Full Member

    Good idea Emma to get some goals and mini targets! I'm doing A double DD just to hit my mini target of 10.6 by Sunday. Fingers X I can do it. I do my DDs with just coffee and soya light no food, can't be trusted. I'm too naughty. Your doing great. X

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  13. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Did you decide on your goals??
  14. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    ‚ÄčHi Karma
    Busy day today but i sneaked a look on the scales this morning,
    ive lost 6lbs, despite my period starting
    im a bit worried now iv got x2 up days but i'll weigh in on tues morning
    for my official weigh in and see how week 1 has gone..
    A couple of goals that hv come to mind are
    *towel to go around me without a huge gap
    *to get up from the floor easier and quicker (i work with 14-24mth olds)
    *to generally feel less bulky/clumsy
    *to lose the top tummy roll

    Along with the usual weight loss goals of course..
    I did some interesting reading last night where a few judders have discovered more inch loss than weight so that will be interesting to see..
    its been a weird up day, had breakfast and then wasnt hungry until around 5pm but just cooking dinner now- 7pm as been busy catching up on jobs..
  15. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Ur goals are realistic and hopefully they won't take too long to accomplish.
    well done on the weight loss so far, that's brill.

    Here'sHere's to losing inches.
  16. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Ive had a weekend of up..its been interesting as not as hungry as id expected,
    Been busy and felt like i had a bit more energy already..
    Need to sort out my down days for this week, deffo mon, then hopefully wed and
    Friday too.. im weighing in tues morning for my official week 1 weight..
    Also need to start exercising this week as need my fitness levels up for centre parcs
    In may..
    Off to bed now, late night as got work at half 7...
    Take care anyone thats reading x
  17. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    So my first week weight loss is 4lbs, I'm happy with that as I got my period too..
    Only 38 left to go in 10 wks, not sure i can make that goal but I'll damn well try.
    Does anyone have any experience of exercising whilst on judd?
    I need to start adding some, deffo on my up days..

  18. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Woop woop! Well done, fab loss! :D X
  19. nikki299

    nikki299 Full Member

    Hi Emma, well done on your 1st weeks loss!!! I am going to follow your progress if that's ok as I am planning to start 5:2 or 4:3 in a few weeks and would love to see how you get on.
    I am currently on my 4th week of a vlcd and kind of panicking that I will regain all what I've lost as soon as I put a morsel of food in my mouth!!! lol I'm hoping to have lost 3 stone by the time I come off it but still have another 3-4 stone to lose so really hoping 5:2 actually works. xxxx
  20. Emma-x

    Emma-x Full Member

    Yay ive had visitors...
    Nikki, im happy to hv u follow me cant guaruntee i wont bore u tho, lol.. iv done cd many times in the
    Past, however it definately puts u in good stead for this way of eating.. on a down day today, i found it really easy up until now.. im struggling with x2 shakes a day and not eating..
    I keep telling myself i can eat tomorrow, really weird tho as on my up days im really not bothered by food and am
    forgetting to eat.. im hoping to lose 3lbs this WK to make it a half stone loss.. fingers crossed x
  21. HazeyBlue

    HazeyBlue Flab 2 Fab

    Hey Emma :wavey:

    Well done on your 4lb, that's fantastic. I havnt bothered with the shakes, I went straight on to food on my DDs, too traumatised by my experiences on CD to every drink shakes again I think :yuk:
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