new beginnings....phase 2


well here we are again, a new start of a new target.
my first target was to lose 4 stone which i have done. i always said i would see how i looked when i got there and i am very happy, am slimmer than i have been for 8 years. well now its phase 2........... i starting my new phase of cd and that is to lose 2 stone more. i have had 10 days off cd totally and now i am focused and ready to go again, yes today, boxing day with 16 people to feed. i figured i will be so busy that i want want to eat and to be honest i am so stuffed of food and didnt really enjoy it all as much as i thought i would! So y put off til tomorrow what i can do today?????
i am ready to rock n roll again so here goes. My pledge with a new ticker too (if i can get it to work!!!) is to lose 28 more pounds, starting today, by the end of march. here i go! and good luck to everyone else starting a vlcd recently or in te next few days. c'mon we can do it.
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forgot to add, my wi day will be tuesday mornings.

i am gonna try and keep a diary this time around to try and keep me focused through the tough times, so far so good, am feeling very strong at the moment but its early days, i am under no illusion but i am and will stay strong.
Good luck Hermione! I am right there with you. I have another 15 lbs to lose having lost 44 lbs on LL. Had small amount of xmas dinner yesterday and then couldn't stop eating. My excuse? I have a stinking infection which has lodged on my chest and I always eat when I'm ill. But from today I will join you on your quest! Back on track, onward and forward!!!
Well done and may future luckgo with you for the last two stones!