New Cambridge 2023/2024 Losing to Maintaining Journey Together

That’s good news. Well done. I like all of the noodles. Not keen on the Veg risotto so smother that with Cayenne pepper. As for the Irish Stew, can’t wait to get rid of it! Such a weird taste

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lol I was warned about the Irish stew and risotto so I didn’t buy. Placed a new 2 week order as I only have a weeks worth left. Trying a few new things.

2.2lbs off this week which is good as I had 2 meals off plan - I was so unwell and 10 hours of driving I decided to. So in 3 weeks I’m 12lbs down. Chuffed. Hoping for the 3lbs this 4th week to make that stone.
That's a great loss & even better with 2 off plan meals. Did you get the 45% off code when you ordered? I've topped up a few packs & ordered some extra caramel muesli ones which are now my favourite particularly when eating them dry.
Sorry as gone off plan and now i wont be on plan as away monday till friday i really wanted to get back on plan for my holiday , i need to catch up on posts and be ready for when i come back and join you lovely lot , how is everyone doing , i will catch up on posts on here .