New comer/2 days in and struggling a bit help!


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I have known about this website for a few weeks now and have finally starting lipotrim (now on day 2).This is my first ever time and very different to any other diet I have every attempted.
I have to say the shakes are better then I thought they would be and particularly like them in mousse form as they taste a bit like uncooked cake mixture! but... I am struggling with hunger and tiredness a lot and although i have looked thorough a million posts thought i would start my own thread to ask at what day (approx) will this stop??

Also any other tips for first few weeks would be apprechiated.;)

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Hi Emma, I'm on my 4th day now, and I have to admit I'm still feeling the hunger! I'm also really tired all the time lol. I've not had any headaches today, which is an improvement over the last 3 days, so I guess it's onwards and upwards from here... The only advice I can give is just stick at it, I know from experience it gets easier (being my second time on LT), so you just gotta persevere :) good luck and chug the water!


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Hi purpleflower,

Welcome to MiniMins:welcome:

The first weeks is the hardest just like any other diet it takes your body time to adjust.

You should go into ketosis on the third or fourth day and then hunger will be greatly reduced or you might be one of those lucky ones who never feel hungry on a ketosis diet.

Like any diet the first week is the hardest as it takes time for your body to adjust so take it easy and pamper yourself.

When you see the weight loss on your first weigh in that helps motivate you forward...

Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help with the hunger and the tiredness.

Well done on getting to day two.

You need to put your weight ticker in your signature, otherwise it will keep moderating your posts.

If you need any help please ask.


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Hi there and welcome you should hit ketosis around day 3-4, i know it feels hard right now but it will get easier. Keep making sure you are drinking enough water and take plenty of hot baths. Fizzy water is a nice change. Try and keep as busy as possible and come on here if it gets really tough. Good luck hth


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I agree with the others, take it one day at a time. The first week is the worst, but the feeling you have when you have done that first week is great, and worth it.


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Hi Emma,

The 1st week is all meh and blurg and horrible. I felt as if someone had run over me with a steam roller. I bathed and slept for most of it, as I hadn't the energy to do much else!

After the first week all the horrible wrecked feelings magically disappeared and I turned into a hyper freak bursting with energy! 24 weeks later and I'm still the same way!

Keep at it. Stick to the plan 100% Sip water throughout the day, pamper yourself and keep yourself busy at all times. Repeat in your head your reasons for doing this if you feel your resolve weakening.

Soon the fat will be melting from you and the initial yuckiness will be a distant memory.


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Hy on day2 aswell feel the same just been cleaning the house and keeping myself busy to keep my mind off things xxx


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Hi Emma

Welcome!!! good on you for getting to Day 2. Yes, this diet isnt like any others you have tried but it sure will reward you for sticking with it 100%

I dont think there is an exact date when you stop feeling tired; everyone is different. I wasnt tired at all until probably last week and this week I have felt really drained. I am one of the unlucky ones that usually has constant hunger pains but I learn to live with them as I prefer that feeling that the bloated feeling I have had for ever and a day!

The one way to help is keep drinking water all day...and to fill you up, or that feeling of being full, drink sparkling water. Like the others say, it is a change from just plain water which can be hard at first.

Keep motivated. Once you get over the first week barrier and get your first weigh in and you say WAW!! What a loss, you wont want to look back, just ahead to the other great losses you will experience.

Keep coming on here and just hang in there as it does get easier and becomes part of your life.

Take care


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keep with it peeps honestly after the 1st week you will see a dramatic change !!! i no its hard but you can do it good luck xxx


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I started last Saturday and I was on it last year so I kinda know what to expect. 2 days in I had so much energy, wanted to clean the house and did all the ironing in one go (which is not like me at all!). I was full of energy but today, day 6, I can barely keep my eyes open, I am so tired and cold and have a headache but I know this is the hard bit and once I weigh on Saturday I will be feeling much better. 6 days on the diet and I have already gone down a jeans size!


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Hi guys,

I'm also on day 2, not totally terrible yet, but I have a bit of a tummy bug so that is helping with the hunger!
I've never seriously dieted before, and I have no doubt it will be hard but worth it.
This is the worst bit - I'm sitting in my kitchen after cooking my 3 year old son his dinner, mash and mince and gravy and I'd nearly take the food from his mouth! I'd kill for toast and chocolate and stuff but its all in the head I think.
I can't take it as a shake, as I totally hate milk, but am having it as moose, and just having my first chicken soup now...bit blurgh. I do find after having a moose I actually stop feeling hungry, so thats good!
Looking forward to weigh in, that should keep us all going!


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Welcome aboard!!!

Best of luck with the diet...

Black coffee is my secret weapon!


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hi hunn & welcome hang in there 1st week is the hardest but it varies from person to person as chelly says black coffe Iv just switched to decaf yuk I know but my intake had increased quite alot think because of the bloody cold weather but hey you need to find what works for you but beware you will feel the cold more easily but dont be put of this diet is brilliant you just need to settle into the routine like all other diets

see less of you next week xx


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thanks for all your you can see I am still going! yey