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New (day 2) and concerned! Help

S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.53%)
Hi guys!

Have now read many threads on here and it's amazing to see what you have all accomplished! I was on lipotrim before as it has worked for me before but couldn't take the lack of food (Im a chef!) so decided to give atkins ago. Currently on day 2 and feel exhausted (felt like that day 1) and I don't just mean tired I mean I want to crawl in my bed fully clothed! Seems early days for atkins flu?

Secondly I am starving! I am used to picking so have been having snacks but I am worried I am eating too much!

Menu for today has been:

B- 2 boiled eggs, 2 rashers bacon, 1tbsp creme fraiche with chives
S- 20g hard cheese
L- Big cup of shredded romaine lettuce, chicken and beef with mixed veg (all legal) with 1 tbsp double cream and some spices
S- romaine lettuce with ham and philly
D- Probably lamb with leeks

Seems a lot when I write it out but I am still starving, have been drinking +2L water with some caffeine free green tea..

Has anyone else been the same? I am worried I am eating too much?


Ann xx
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The hunger will go away as you go through the first week, honestly, I am hardly ever actually starving hungry anymore, but in the first few days, yes you do feel hungrier.
I dont think you are eating too much at all, as long as you are not going over the amount of veg that you are allowed to eat, maybe you could eat more meat in btwn meals whilst you are hungrier, thats what I did the first few days, had ribs or chicken drumsticks in the afternoon, but after 2-3 days I didnt need that so much anymore.
As for atkins flu, I dont think it is too early to be feeling knackered because your body is going through a transition and all that and you can be in ketosis within 2-3 days.
I think how bad you feel can depend on whether you used to have a lot of carbs and caffeine and then dropped both suddenly.
Good luck on the diet, it is really good once you get into it I have found, the first few days can be a bit bleurgh but it gets MUCH better!!
S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.53%)
Thanks! Im glad to hear im not the only one eating and looking forward to the hunger stopping because it is mad (eating more cheese as we speak!) will try having meat instead tomorow. I did have a lot of carbs/tea/coffee/diet coke so that probably hasnt helped!


Call me Linzi...
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Hi AnnieBee & welcome to Atkins..

The tiredness is quite normal, it will pass & you'll have an energy burst!

The first week when yr getting into ketosis, you will think yr eating loads but its good to eat yr way into ketosis. The fat & lack of carbs helps you get into ketosis & fat burning mode...

As long as you are counting yr carbs in everything yr menu looks good.

Enjoy. xx


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pork scratchings !!!!!!


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the advice about is fab, yup you feel like crap in the first rew days to a week....then the hunger stops, the energy comes and the weight drops off and its all worth it!


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Hi and welcome to Atkins

Like everyone says feeling rubbish is normal the first few days and it does pass and then you'll probably feel great.

I'm a grazer too so I make sure I've got lots of legal stuff in my fridge to go at.

I usually cook a chicken or get a rotisserie one and just slowly demolish that throughout the day :D
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In the new book it suggests having half a teaspoon of salt every day up to you how you take it it says in 2 mugs of broth.
Doing this I have felt much better this time as I have done Atkins many times before I tended to get a headache and feel very tired on the first day it was as though my body remembered what I was doing. This time however using the extra salt these symptoms have been minimal good luck xx


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Hi Ann, yes it's the carb cravings that make you so hungry, once you are through that phase you'll be fine.

Welcome love.


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That's good love. :)


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The hunger will get better, especially when your body goes into ketosis and starts using the fat reserves. Just make sure to drink lots of water. 2 litres is a minimum really. Good luck hun, you'll soon be feeling great :)
S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.53%)
Evening all!

Flu continues but weathering the storm as we say! Day 4 today, 5 pounds lost so far and ketostix confirm ketosis. Have upped my meat intake to avoid over consuming pesky carbs which hasn't been to bar but still starving 24/7. Have had my first cup of decaf tea with cream which was heavensent and helpful as my entourage of friends have not been too understanding but coming on the forum always cheers me up so a big thanks to you all :) xxxx

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