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  1. chacha0505

    chacha0505 New Member

    Ok so here goes...

    I put on alot of weight which i managed to loose 4 stone of on my own. keeping fit and watching what i ate.

    in the last year ive managed 2to put back 2..

    I hit the wall this morning crying my eyes out as i am back feeling uncomfy, fat ,bloated and worst of all lacking in confidence which after feeling amazing when i lost i hate hate hate!!!

    so I got up this morning and went for a walk/ run and im ready to put things in place I will not feel like this !!! I know better!!

    My friend has done ww and looks amazing and see a huge difference so here I am ready to start and make a difference. I need to get my life in order and part of that is stop using food (insert junk) as a crutch.

    sooooo where do I start !! I cant get to a class till monday I dont want to just say well i ll keep eating till then as Im ready now!!

    can I pay the 10 online and go to class?? Ive downloaded the power foods and filling foods ?

    not sure about points or treats etc??

    sorry if I have rambled x x x
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  3. solange

    solange Full Member

    Hope this works for you and I wanted to wish you my very best. I don't do ww, I am sw, but if you have a look around you will find some inspiration I am sure.
    I,ll look out for seeing your success! :)
  4. chacha0505

    chacha0505 New Member

    Thank U .. I have done sw in the past and really enjoyed it as I loved cooking just eed a new challenge. noticed the sw page is very busy!!
  5. solange

    solange Full Member

    I think what swung me was seeing my nephews daughter at a funeral last year. She was always very big. Well she did sw and lost 6 or 7 stone. I didn't recognise her, she looked amazing and is now a consultant. I do know what you mean about a change and I really think it doesn't matter how you go about it, it's just getting there in the end!!
    Stay positive. x
  6. sopcal84

    sopcal84 Member

    Hey Lovely. I too feel like that. And currently a weightwatcher member but finding the pointing tedious so gunna do simply filling and then maybe switch to slimming world after my 3months is up with weightwatchers. Buddy up? xxx

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