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New for a while

thought it was 4.5 if im honest, but no, chilli sauce will be extra. couldnt tell you what that is though - sorry! xxx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Hey and welcome!

My advice on the kebab...wait till weigh day and if you've lost have 1! I have a treat a week (or try) but on weigh day i usually have loads of points left anyway from free stuffs, id weigh in my underwear if she'd let me :giggle:
i thought chicken donner on its own is 4.5 ... and 7/7.5 points if you have it with pitta and salad?

thought so... checked it out...


4.5 just for chicken donner on its own, and 7 if you have it with pitta and salad :)
It still seems really good. Thought my kebeb place sells chicken shish kebabs which is less. Ican make some of my own free salsa to out in it. Wow. Good to know I can, though probably won't. I very rarely have takeaways. And rarely eat readymeals. Sometimes just knowing it's possible if you want is enough. I'm looking forward to this diet now, and looking forward to it working. Really hope it does!
Well if you break it down, pitta's are not too bad, neither is the salad or chicken, its only any marinade or oil in cooking that would bump the points up and of course any sauce. If its within your points i say enjoy !! ( from the woman who had large haddock and chips last night totally ignoring the points !)

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