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New Girl!!

Hi to Everyone!:)

I am due to start LL next Thursday morning, and I am currently flitting between feeling really excited and can't wait to get started to being absolutely terrifed and wondering what on earth i'm getting myself into!!

I went to the supermarket today and wandered round feeling upset and worrying about how going to cope. I suppose it felt a bit like the calm before the storm!

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice as to what i should do to prepare before next thursday.... do i start to cut down on carbs, and will it help with side effects in the first few days..... or do i just say goodbye to all my fave foods with a few treats??

also i was wondering how other people have coped with 2 children (aged 6 and 9) to cook and look after in the first few weeks, all tips and help gratefully received!!!

I have found all the sucesses on here so inspiring, and it just shows what can be achieved.

Thanks and bye for now

Caroline x:)
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likes posting.
:sign0144: i joined yesterday & start ll on tuesday, i have all the same feelings as you too, im sure we will feel better when we have been to our first meeting.Good luck!
Hi Eileen,

Its nice to meet with someone who is feeling the same way!
Lots of luck to you for Tuesday...keep me posted on how you get on...


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Hi Caroline & Eileen

Well done on finding this website, I've found it really supportive. To answer your question I did cut down on carbs in the week or so before I started and also started drinking more water to get myself used to it. I think it did help as I didn't have a hideous carb withdrawal, had a little bit of a headache for a day or so but nothing major.

Once you go into ketosis you should find that you aren't too hungry - I'm just starting week 4 and am feeling good. Can't help you with the kids question as I haven't got any and have avoided cooking for anyone else but have been out and am fine around other people eating.

Good luck
Johnny :D


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Hi Caroline and Eileen and welcome to you both ;)

It probably is a good idea to cut down on carbs before starting the diet, though to be honest I didn't and got through it all okay. The first few days can be a bit of a struggle, you may get a headache (take a tablet at first sign - don't suffer), you may be hungry, feel achey .... but these will soon pass. Once you're in ketosis you'll feel great and you won't feel hunger.

Re cooking for kids, just make sure you cook just enough for them and that there won't be loads of left overs to tempt you. Anything they leave make sure they put it straight into the bin - you will soon get used to cooking and not eating ... you then have to be wary that you don't overfeed them as a way of compensating yourself.

Good luck to you both.

Hi Cath,
Thanks for the advice, will try to cut the carbs down over the next few days, and have lots of paracetamol at the ready!!
I am also trying to up water intake, as i'm not a huge fan... but suppose i will get used to it!
I think the kids will have to have a bit of a talking to... will try and get them to clear up after themselves and also get them to get those last few easter eggs eaten up by Thursday!!!!

Have a great bank hol
caroline x


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Oh yes the Easter eggs have to go LOL - you don't want them lying around and tempting you :)

Hi Sis,

Took me a while to find you on here!!
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck - if i can do this then you can do it standing on your head (only your sister could know how stubborn you can be when you set your mind to something). Just think how different we will be by late summer (ok maybe not a bikini for me this year ... but I am sure you will be strutting your stuff in no time at all).
As for the kids - only advice I have that may help so far is cooking fixed portion foods like fish fingers, chops etc for the first few weeks - anything you could have a spoon of in a weak moment that no one would know about (like spag bol etc)is too tempting to start with.
Anyway babes, good luck and remember that everyone on here is as behind you as I am. Anytime you need to rant - just shout.


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Good luck

Hello there!

I'm 18 weeks in and I didn't cut my carbs. I went for a big lunch at my favourite Dim Sum place on the Saturday before, a huge breakfast on Sunday morning and then a big roast dinner before my meeting on Sunday evening. I didn't eat in the evening and then had my first pack on Monday morning. Was a bit dizzy on Wednesday morning and very moody the first weekend but other than that it was fine and I lost almost a stone in the first week.

So I think you can do it either way. To be honest LL prefer you not to - I think CD prefer you to prepare yourself. You can do either!


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I agree the cutting of the carbs does make life a bit easier for the first few days...cooking for kids I cant help u there as I dont have any yet...But the set portions as others have mentioned would be a great help in resisting temptation!!
Good luck - You can do it!!

Just Do It

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Hi Curvy Caz,

I felt exactly the same as you before starting, its a wierd feeling, up and down, scared and excited.

I had read all of the cut out carbs and up water advice but I basically could not stop eating. I gained 3 lbs between the intro meeting on the Sunday and the 1st meeting on the Wednesday.

But once I started it was like a switch had been flicked in my brain. I had a bit of a headache at first but pain killers helped. The excitement of going to the first weigh in got me through the first few days easily.

As for cooking, I find I am making better meals for the family (3 kids and OH) than ever before. I can't say it doesn't smell and look delicious and get my mouth watering. But that switch that got flicked when I started just doesn't let me feel tempted. I serve it all out, make my mushroom soup and as soon as I sit down with them and have the first sip its fine.

I can't really believe how fine it is. And I get the kids to taste the pasta and rice to say if its ready yet.

I hope you get started soon and find it as easy as I did. Look forward to seeing your progress.


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One day at a time
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I decided to go mad before I started LL, it felt like the last supper to me, so we had takeaway on the Sat night, & went out for a meal on the Sun & even had pudding.
I did not prepare myself by drinking more water or cutting down on carbs.
I started on the Mon lunch time, I had a headache by teatime, so I went to bed early & the next day I was fine.
I've been fine cooking meals, I love the smell, but I find the leftovers & waste really difficult to deal with.
I try to dish it all onto the plates to get rid of it & ask everyone to scrape their plates into the bin so I don't have to deal with it, but that does'nt always happen.
I found out the hard way what one of my triggers were, would you believe it was brains faggots, the urge to eat one was so strong, but I managed to get it in the bin quickly.
It feels really weird throwing out food you would have normally eaten.
Anyway good luck with your first week.
Thanks everyone for all the advice, can't believe how supportive you all are on here, its great and much appreciated.
I can't wait to start now as i have spent most of the weekend eating for Britain, especially all my favorites crossing them off a mental list and saying goodbye...sad i know!! but thats why i probably need LL!!!!!! feel quite ill now so will be glad to start on Thursday.
Have spent today stocking up the freezer for the kids and OH, and thanks sis i have done what you said and frozen or bought everything in single portions to try and avoid temptation!
I have also stocked up for myself on such delights as a whisk, lots of water,sweetners etc!!
Thanks again and i will keep you posted on my progress.
Caroline x


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Hi Caz

well it's almost Thursday now - hope tomorrow goes well for you and please let us know how you get on at pop-ins and weigh ins.


Mrs Lard

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Good luck to you both.

Sorry, have only just found this thread but wanted to agree with the suggestions, particularly around cooking food. I bought my husband a week's worth of healthy ready meals, just to make it easier for me. And it made a huge difference, to be honest.

This forum is fantastic and I would strongly urge you to read some blogs (not all LL bloggers belong to minimins), if you have the time. Ice Moose did a wonderful day-by-day account of LL from the beginning. I read loads before starting and in the early days (ie first two weeks) - again, they helped me, particularly as I didn't know anyone who had done this diet before.

You will be absolutely fine, particularly once you have got started. It feels like the great unknown before you begin but then you get into it.

Keep us posted!

Mrs L xx
I did the last supoer thing too! MAnaged to put on about half a stone between the introductory meeting and the first "proper" meeting! My meeting is in the evening - at 8.30 - before going I ordered home delivery curry for me hubby and son - but ordered FOUR meals - hubby said "Oh look theyve give us one extra by mistake!" (Oh no they didn't...) Ate one before the meeting and one when I got home about 10.45pm ...
And I wonder why I'm fat?!?! (Sheer greed has a lot to do with it :))

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