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New girl


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Blimey - I'd be here all night if I gave you all my tips!

Welcome, first of all. No need for nerves...otherwise you'll spill your shakes and soups and then where will you be?

Tip One for Day One is to enjoy being excited! It is exciting! This works! Get through day one. And then when you've done that, make sure you get through day two. Now here's the thing I do to trick myself when it gets a little tough, I lie to myself. I say that I only have to do it for one week. That's all, or 10 days, but definitely only that. Keep tricking your mind into thinking it's only for a very short while. Then when you get your first weigh in, trick it again...say 'Well, don't you want to see what you would have lost if you'd stayed on it for another week?' When you get good at that you can play with 4 week chunks...

Always come here for a chat if you're finding it a struggle, there'll be someone around to say something nice.

Other tips - always have water with you. Stay near a loo for the first two weeks whilst you get used to the extra drinking. And don't worry too much if you don't poo every day after day 3 (I'm sorry, but you may as well be prepared!) but seek advice if you go more than 3 days...


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Ah thanks so much. Def a help. I am excited but am wondering why lol? No food!! But I am an all or nothing sort of person and bend the rules a little too often on other diets.

Worried I'm not gonna like the shakes/soups - although I'm not known for my fussiness lol. Are there any i should steer from? I know everyones tastes are different but any ideas on which to get would be good ta x


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I really couldn't say as I change my taste over the weeks myself...I only really have chicken and mushroom and chocolate now (and one of the bars but I won't talk about that until you're on bars!) just go with your instinct...and if anything totally yucks you out, ask if you can pop back and swap.


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Cool. Thanks. Will see what takes my fancy, going for first wi etc tomorrow morning, as it's early I figured I might as well start tomorrow while I'm motivated. Wish me luck!! Glad I've found this site, I'm sure it's gonna be a life saver or should I say diet saver!


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Thank you :) My stomach is in knots haha!!


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Good luck !!! Go for it x

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Must do it this time
Best of luck,you`ll do great.

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